Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Sorayume

This song was released in the 3-disc Yours album by dai from Comiket 72. I’m not sure if the song was used in the PC game.

The significance of this song is that it is the first in a series of four songs from the Yours album that seem to describe Sonozaki Shion and Hojo Satoshi’s relationship and Satoshi’s recovery from a coma while Shion patiently watches over him for two years. Listen to the songs in order (Sorayume, Sora no Mukou, Confession, Thanks). They’re very emotional.
Even if the songs aren’t all that stellar, it’s all worth it for the last line of the fourth song, Thanks.

Fake Dream
Vocals: Yuduki
Composition: dai

When I suddenly realized it, it’s nighttime
Illuminated by the moonlight, I am pulled back by the reality
As if the fog lifted

What was I doing?
My heart is tightly bound by my reviving memories
Nothing could be done and I’m suffering

Why didn’t I worry?
Everything was completely a nightmare
Inside of the deep darkness

If I can redo it
Then indeed the next time around
I’ll believe you and definitely grasp the day called ‘tomorrow’

Vocals: Yuduki

Futo ki ga tsukeba   yoru
Gekkou ni terashidasare   genjitsu ni hikimodosareru
Kiri ga hareru you ni

Watashi wa nani o shiteta n darou
Yomigaeru kioku ni kokoro ga shimetsukerarete
Dou shiyou mo naku kurushikute

Doushite watashi wa kizukanakatta no
Maru de subete ga akumu
Fukai yami no naka

Moshimo yarinaoseru nara
Tsugi koso
Shinjite   asu to iu hi o kanarazu tsukamou


One response to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Sorayume

  1. Am i the only one who noticed the nifty little umineko beat in there? XD amazing!!

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