Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Confession

This song was released in the 3-disc Yours album by dai from Comiket 72. I’m not sure if the song was used in the PC game.

The significance of this song is that it is the third in a series of four songs from the Yours album that seem to describe Sonozaki Shion and Hojo Satoshi’s relationship and Satoshi’s recovery from a coma while Shion patiently watches over him for two years. Listen to the songs in order (Sorayume, Sora no Mukou, Confession, Thanks). They’re very emotional.
Even if the songs aren’t all that stellar, it’s all worth it for the last line of the fourth song, Thanks.

Vocals: Yuduki
Composition: dai

If there’s even a single thing
That I can do here now
Then tell me

I simply want to recover those happy days
I don’t want them to be the past

As time passes
My heart is dyed blacker; I can’t suppress it
It’s painful…

Please save me
So that I won’t repeat my sins from now on
Please, oh please
Even just a little
Show me
A sign that you’re alive

Vocals: Yuduki

Ima koko de dekiru koto ga
Nani ga hitotsu de mo aru no nara

Tada ano shiawase na hibi o torimodoshitai
Kako ni shitakunai

Jikan ga tatsu tabi
Kuroku somatte yuku kokoro   osaekirenai

Sukuiagete   watashi o
Kore ijou tsumi o kasanenai tame ni
Douka onegai
Hon no sukoshi de ii
Anata no ikite iru akashi o
Watashi ni misete


5 responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Confession

  1. Hauu~ thank you for the translation.

    I was wondering, where did you get “Yours” from? If you downloaded it, can you please put up a link? Thanks. ^^

  2. I cannot download the file….It died
    Please upload it again ^^”

  3. Ouuuuu, it’s so sad!
    I love the songs from Shion ❤
    And I want to watch in the anime how it’s going on with her and Satoshi!

    Thank you for the translation!

  4. Can you post the song files again?I’ve been lookin’ all over for this and you are my only hope. ;_;

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