Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Opening Theme – Naraku no Hana

The Flower of Hell
Vocals: Shimamiya Eiko
Lyrics: Shimamiya Eiko
Composition: Nakazawa Tomoyuki
Arrangement: Nakazawa Tomoyuki & Ozaki Takeshi

C’mon, let’s forget that the future
Will be smeared in blood again
If the tepid wind winds in coils
It’s probably a sign

Dash out, dash out
From your far too sad destiny
You’re not the flower of hell
At such a place
Don’t bloom, don’t bloom
You mustn’t get caught

The pieces of time flutter about soundlessly

Who is gripping onto my hand?
Who is stroking my hair?
Just now, I was crying; within the sapling
I feel a sign

Jump over, jump over
From the gears of destiny
You’re not the flower of hell
At such a place
Don’t scatter, don’t scatter
And don’t leave behind a seed

If it sprouts, then karma will cycle again

Dash out, dash out
From your far too sad destiny
You’re not the flower of hell
At such a place
Don’t bloom, don’t bloom
You mustn’t get caught

The pieces of time flutter about soundlessly

Naraku no Hana
Vocals: Shimamiya Eiko

Saa   wasuremashou   sono mirai ga
Mata   chinurarete yuku nante
Namanurui kaze   toguro o maitara
Sore ga tabun   aizu

Nukedashitette   nukedashitette
Kanashisugiru unmei kara
Anata wa   naraku no hana ja nai
Sonna basho de
Sakanaide   sakanaide
Karametorarete ikanaide

Oto mo naku tobikau   toki no kakera

Dare ga kono te o   nigitte iru no?
Dare ga kono kami o   nadete iru no?
Ima naite ita   moegi no naka de
Kanjiteru   aizu

Tobikoetette   tobikoetette
Unmei no haguruma kara
Anata wa   naraku no hana ja nai
Sonna basho de
Chiranaide   chiranaide
Soshite tane o nokosanaide

Me o daseba futatabi mawaru karuma

Nukedashitette   nukedashitette
Kanashisugiru unmei kara
Anata wa   naraku no hana ja nai
Sonna basho de
Sakanaide   sakanaide
Karametorarete ikanaide

Oto mo naku tobikau   toki no kakera


さぁ 忘れましょう その未来が
また 血ぬられてゆくなんて
なまぬるい風 とぐろを巻いたら
それがたぶん 合図

抜け出してって 抜け出してって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
咲かないで 咲かないで

音もなく飛び交う 時のかけら

誰がこの手を にぎっているの?
誰がこの髪を なでているの?
今泣いていた もえぎの中で
感じてる 合図

飛び越えてって 飛び越えてって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
散らないで 散らないで 


抜け出してって 抜け出してって
あなたは 奈落の花じゃない
咲かないで 咲かないで

音もなく飛び交う 時のかけら


67 responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Opening Theme – Naraku no Hana

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  2. Thanks for the translation^^
    This opening song is better than the one before, I like it very much.

  3. I heard “Yume” insted of Unmei in the theme after listening to that part 10 times over and it’s still ‘Yume” I’m sorry but you have the lyrics wrong

  4. @ Amy:
    I just checked. It sounds more like ‘unmei’ than ‘yume’.

  5. it just s tricky to heard the y, that’s all

  6. Thanks for translating the lyrics. Really helpful for my wee bit of Japanese ^^

  7. It’s Unmei,not yume..no matter how many times i hear it,it’s still unmei,and unmei makes more sense too haha

  8. Amy, it’s unmei. it could fit, being yume, but it sounds so much more like unmei than yume.
    you just aren’t listening close enough.

  9. I’m not going to even fight over this anymore, if everyone hears it like that then fine, don’t come crying to me when they release the Offical Lyrics and it says Yume*leaves site for good*

  10. Amy, It’s “unmei”
    They already released the Romanji lyrics on many sites and the official English sub.
    And I’m pretty sure Atashi knows more about the lyrics than you do.

  11. @ Amy:
    We’ll see when the official lyrics are released on August 22nd.

  12. It’s Unmei… Not Yume because she sang that part with a big “U”… Well… I exaggerated that :p But she did pronounce the “U”, not “Y” -.-

  13. lol Amy overreacted. That’s sad. Wow she leaves the site for good just because of this. Can anyone say immature? I can! =D

    anyways thanks for posting this up! you rock

  14. well… after reading all u said.. i listened to the song… and i’m afraid that both of you are wrong. The phrase says something like this:

    Nukedashitette nukedashitette
    Kanashisugiru “YUNMEI” kara

    Soreni some parts don’t fit..if u can realize it. I’m not new in this… but i’ll talk to my japanesse teacher so that we can out of doubts. See ya!

  15. @ luis zaravia:
    ‘Yunmei’ isn’t even a word in Japanese.

  16. It’s obviously 運命, ‘unmei’. Someone should get a hearing aid… Anyway, all (yes ALL) Japanese websites have the same lyrics.

  17. Best song yet!


  18. This is really good !! I loove this song but… On dont bloom its realy dont bossom there ^^

  19. Would bloom and blossom have a similar or same meaning? I dunno. :/

    Anyway, the chanting at the end is apparently part of the backwards chanting at the beginning, except right way around.

    I’ve seen it at first translated as “You can’t escape” and, for the second opening, “I can’t escape.”

    Is there a difference between “I can’t escape” and “You can’t escape?”…

    …and is the chanting different from the first opening and second opening?

    Thanks very much for this translation.

  20. @ Kevin:
    It’s the same. The Japanese is “nigerarenai”, which means “cannot escape”. It doesn’t specific whether it’s first-person or second-person, but I think it’s “You can’t escape” from my feeling of the song.

  21. yep, definitely “unmei”

  22. I was curious as to what the chanting at the very end was. I want to be able to karoke this song. And it’d be cool to know.
    ^__^ Thanks by the way for the SPOT-ON lyrics. Its fun to sing.

  23. Hmm yes I agree with Sewers… is the chanting at the end a hidden meaning similar to the original series’ opening?

  24. It’s obviously ‘unmei’ … how can you even get yume out of that? You can distinctively hear the ‘un’ in there.

    Anyways, thanks for translating this. =D I can’t wait until the full version is released.

  25. Can someone please post a download for that song, its such a good song.

  26. the last word 逃げられない “nige rarenai” repeatsfive times,meaning can’t never get out here.

  27. Thanks for the lyrics! I really like this song.
    (And to contribute my part to the unmei/yume discussion: Duh, it’s UNMEI. Have you ever heard an emphasis on the M from yume? Also, it wouldn’t be right with the rhythm. ‘Un-me-i’ (3 syllables). And ‘yu-me’ (2 syllables) wouldn’t be right because they would be singing yu-me-eh.
    But anyway, this is all pointless actually, since we all know it is unmei 🙂
    Is there going to be a karaoke version together with the full version? (There was a karaoke version with the opening theme from the first season…)

  28. If by any chance Amy still comes here, I’d like to say the official release is out. I took nipponsei’s scan of the lyrics and highlighted the debatable section.

    Enjoy. Atashi’s lyrics for that line are 100% correct.

  29. And Ann, a karaoke version is included on the CD.

  30. Thank you THANK you so much for putting this up for download, this song is sooo amazing! /bow

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  32. “Nige Rarenai”? Actually, you can play the song backwards and that word sounds just like the chanting from the start of first song.

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  34. Thanks for translating this song!! I love this even more than the 1st series’ op ^_^

    By the way, I think the chanting in the full version (THIS SONG, 2nd series’ op) is much less emphasized than the tv version. I’ve listened to it multiple times, and I don’t think the chanting sounds like “Nigerarenai” nor that backwards O_O

    What is the chanting of the 1st series op then? I can’t figure it out…

  35. The chanting in the first OP is actually the inverse of the chanting in this OP, “逃げられない”. This chanting is played the right way, while the first OP is played backwards. I managed to reverse both full songs, and my hair nearly stood on ends after hearing both reversed songs’ chanting portion the first time…

  36. I had the same effect after listening to the first 10 or so seconds of the original opening, then the 2nd opening backwards.

  37. There’s another little detail, not sure if anyone mentioned it yet. Remember the weird tune that plays in the first sixteen seconds of this song? Now note the weird tune that seems to sound similar in the last nine seconds of this song, which was made using the same instrument that made the tune in the front part of this song. The tune at the end part is actually the reverse of the tune at the front part of the song. If you have the reversed version, compare the beginning and ending part of both actual and reversed songs. :p

  38. At the end I can hear something like “Eien na Naku” it’s very blunt, but it is there, and it repeats a lot at the end

  39. omg!! thank you soooo much for this post! you’re the greatest! XD

  40. That chanting at the end translates to “You can’t escape” when played backwards

  41. You know, technically “奈落” means “abyss” as opposed to “hell”. While both are similar anyways, I just though I let you all know. (Yeah, I’m Japanese and I live in Japan, too. I WOULD know.)

    I mean if they wanted to use “hell” why didn’t Shimamiya-san go with “jigoku” then? Just something I wonder…

  42. Thank you very much for the lyrics and translation! I love this song

  43. I reversed the the first song ひぐらしのなく頃に and tried listening to it, it spooked me out since the end was silent, the song began around 0:03-0:04. And the worst thing was I was listening to it like around 3 A.M., but it was a rather fun experience.

  44. I guess I did laugh when I saw the “Yumei” comment.

  45. I guess I did laugh when I saw the “Yunmei” comment.*

  46. ya!!! I rally love that song and the show to it as whell!!!!three thombs up!!!!!

  47. Im curious ‘Nukedashitette nukedashitette
    Kanashisugiru unmei kara’
    dosn’t that mean ”break free break free from your heartwrenching fate”?

  48. May I ask who translated your lyrics into Kanji?
    They are totally wrong and need revising.

    Don’t use webbsites off of Google to translate your lyrics because they all get it wrong…

    すべてそれを間違った…得るのであなたの叙情詩を翻訳するのにGOOGLE を使用しないで下さい

  49. @ Ultimate-Spirir-R-Us:
    Since when do I ‘translate’ lyrics into kanji? I copied it directly from the lyrics sheet provided in the CD jacket.

  50. dude its unmei because in the song there is nothing that has to deal with yume or dreams but unmei is like destiny or fate wich is heard in the song all the time so there its done :O all bad spirits floww awaaaaaaaay or i will take you mother to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again!!!

  51. Thank you sooo much for this nice
    thnx >_<

  52. how do you play it backwards?!?! i’m really curious to hear it…

  53. dani_niñia_otaku

    O.O amo esa cancion
    gracias ^.^

  54. wow, this is great! Thanks for posting the lyrics :3. And about the
    yume or unmei thing, it doesn’t matter THAT much people. (sorry if someone finds this offending, I’m not meaning it that way) She said she leaves, so you don’t have to keep telling her, she isn’t seeing it anyway. Though the lyrcs of the anime DID say Unmei…

  55. @starr: typ in youtube: Naraku no hana reversed.

  56. oops, I commented a little too late, gomen -_-‘ (sees that the last post is a year old)

  57. Okay. Its not “Dash out Dash out” It’s “Break Free Break Free” and its not ‘Tepid’ Its ‘Lukewarm’ YOu might want to check your lyrics again!

  58. O_O Wow…. That is all…..

  59. @Katie: ‘tepid’ and ‘lukewarm’ are synonyms. XP

  60. thanks so much for posting up the lyrics. =D

    though that “yume” “unmei” war made me laugh.

  61. I already know all the lyric even though i’m only 7 and a half.

  62. Reblogged this on miraiumbreon and commented:
    I love this song ❤

  63. Hermosa canción gracias *–*

  64. Rena Ryuuguu

    Thank you! I was looking for this for a long time ^^

  65. I love singing this song.. It also helps me learn japanese better.

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