Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Ending Theme – Taishou a

Subject A
Vocals: anNina
Lyrics: interface
Composition: inazawa
Arrangement: inazawa

I pile soil onto your corpse
Even if that was forbidden
In the bliss of your innocent gaze
There was an incompletely hidden temptation

Why do sins exist?
Why do punishments exist?

The tip of the bone was very white
And invited the infinitely continuing darkness
Just about everything might seem vivid
And disappear soon

I lock up your memories
Even if they were to be damaged
At the depths of a crazed love
There was an incompletely repressed impulse

While I gathered up the pieces
I was waiting for the end of the dream

Because those who have sins are giving up
Because those who have punishments yearn too much
Just about everything might be abandoned
And spin, keep on spinning

Will I be able to laugh when morning comes?
Will I be able to laugh like I did on that day?
I wish, I keep on wishing
That there isn’t a thing that I’ve lost

Taishou a
Vocals: anNina

Anata no nakigara ni tsuchi o kakeru
Sore ga kinjirarete ita to shite mo
Junsui na manazashi no kairaku ni wa
Kakushikirenai yuuwaku ga atta

Doushite tsumi ga aru no darou
Doushite batsu ga aru no darou

Hone no saki wa amari ni mo shiroku
Mugen ni tsuzuku yami o sasotta
Nani mo kamo ga azayaka ni miete
Sugu ni kiete shimau

Anata no omoide ni kagi o kakeru
Sore ga sokonawarete ita to shite mo
Kuruoshii aijou no okusoko ni wa
Osaekirenai shoudou ga atta

Kakera o hiroiatsumenagara
Yume no owari o matte ita

Tsumi ga aru no wa akiramete iru kara
Batsu ga aru no wa motomesugiru kara
Nani mo kamo ga okizari ni sarete
Mawaru   mawaritsuzukeru

Asa ga kureba waraeru darou ka
Ano hi no you ni waraeru darou ka
Nakushita mono wa nani hitotsu nai to
Negau   negaitsuzukeru

歌: anNina






まわる まわりつづける

願う 願いつづける

9 responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Ending Theme – Taishou a

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  2. “堀の先”じゃなくて、“骨の先”だと思うよ
    「the extremities/the tips of your bones are too white」という訳のほうがましでしょう。

  3. @ Niemand:

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  5. Thanks for translating this awesome song!
    Hm…this is a very good song, but I still prefer the 1st series ed…I’ve kept listening to the 1st series ed since its release last year (or was it even further back?)

  6. You’re amazing for translating this =D!

    I really prefer this song more than the Opening, for some reason i like the calm atmosphere that it has.

  7. I love this song!! Thanks for the translation!

  8. thanks for the translation!
    now i can know what the song i constantly listen to and sing is about
    it is so beautiful and the lyrics were not what i expected *dont know what that was* but still so beautiful
    thans again!

  9. There’s more to this!!! Not a single site I found translates the whole thing

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