School Days Bad End Ending Theme – Kanashimi no Mukou e

This song was also used as an insert song for episode 12 of the anime.

To the Other Side of Sorrow
Vocals: Ito Kanako
Lyrics: KIRIKO
Composition: KIRIKO
Arrangement: HIKO

If I can make my way to the other side of sorrow
Then I don’t need warmth or tomorrow anymore

The dream that landed in the darkness of silence
Who…? Is the light that briefly spilled on my cheeks

Why…? Without knowing the method to stop an all too fragile world
I was simply wishing, that’s right, for oblivion

If I can make my way to the other side of sorrow
Then I’d like to not feel anything beyond this anymore

Why…? The repeating words, the collapsed promise
Echoed conspicuously and beautifully, and now, severed

Will you return to the other side of despair?
The utmost love entrusts its unblemished body to the eternal sail

If I can make my way to the other side of sorrow
Then I won’t even fear the lonely slumber anymore…

Kanashimi no Mukou e
Vocals: Ito Kanako

Kanashimi no mukou e to   tadoritsukeru nara
Boku wa mou iranai yo   nukumori mo ashita mo

Seijaku no yami ni   maiorita yume wa
Who…? Tsuka no ma   koboreta   hoho no hikari

Why…? Morosugita sekai   todomeru sube o shirazu ni
Tada boku wa negatteta   sou   boukyaku o

Kanashimi no mukou e to   tadoritsukeru nara
Boku wa mou kore ijou   nani mo kanjinakute ii

Why…? Kurikaesu kotoba   tsuieta yakusoku wa
Hitokiwa utsukushiku hibiki   ima   togireta

Zetsubou no mukou e to   kimi wa kaeru no ka
Shijou no ai   yuukyuu no ho ni   kegarenaki mi o yudane

Kanashimi no mukou e to   tadoritsukeru nara
Boku wa mou osorenai   kodoku na nemuri sae…


42 responses to “School Days Bad End Ending Theme – Kanashimi no Mukou e

  1. i expected this song to be the end theme for episode 12, so it shocked me when it popped up as an insert song instead. no complaints since it added an incredible effect to the already amazing scene, especially with the chilling lyrics..

  2. where can i download the song to the other side of sorrow (Kanashimi no Mukou e)?

  3. thnx for the DL link…
    very nice song indeed

  4. can reupload the song sumwhere else? mediafire preharps? cuz i couldnt get the song through sendspace

  5. No, I don’t want to use another service. It’ll get messy.

  6. u can get this song at gendou too

  7. Thanks a lot =)

  8. Just bueatyfull i never imagined that it was an insert song perfect made the anime seem more sad

  9. Amazing song, pefectly fit the death scence if the main characters. Bssides, I love this song soooo much.

  10. Nice theme…beautifully haunting instrumental…a bit surprised of the ending of school days but yea.

  11. This is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard. I actually haven’t watched School Days other than episode 12 (my best friend made me) but it was so chilling! This song only added to the effect. Now I listen to it constantly, and it still sends a chill up my spine each and every time. Kudos to Kanako Itou- does anyone know if she writes her own lyrics?

  12. without i knowing that lenguange this song is so deeply that you can felt it…..and only with the rythm u know what it saying …honestly amazing song

  13. the ending of the anime and the timing of the song was soooooooo perfect
    i watched it 12 times over!

  14. Nowadays, when I listen to this song, I think of Makoto’s bloody face.. and smile. There’s something wrong with me, enjoying the idea of that womanizing, opportunistic and utterly worthless bastard of a harem lead getting a knife in the guts. And then Kotonoha’s blank face as she does her thing with Sekai.

    The show was a waste, but this was the best song out of the whole series, IMO. I love the haunting voice and the drums at the end. Very fitting, very sad, and… NICE BOAT.

  15. Reasonablepride

    Ditto to what Haesslich said! This is a truly beautiful song!

  16. Nice boat ^_^ I love the chilling, dramatic effect of this song thanks for the lyrics ^_^

  17. School days depressed the shit out of me!! O man I liked all the characters – I felt so bad for katsura especially that poor girl..and poor sekai too if you put yourself in all of the characters shoes you can really see there point of view pretty clearly and its really sad to see it end in such tradgedy. Even itou – yeah he was a jerk and all but if you put yourself in his shoes you gotta wonder..could you resist all the temptations? I’d hope that I’d be a better person than him but still I can understand, at least he finally understood once he saw the horrible state that kotonoha was in. Really tragic the show that I don’t think I could bring myself to watch it a second time… The song was great and added to the horrible events that take place during its playthrough… I really need to get the game so I can change this shows horrible ending!!+

  18. Anybody know where I can download the instrumental only ?

  19. Beautiful and chilling.

  20. ive finished this anime months ago and still i can feel the bad memories and i can really accept that im in denial. . cause i still love the pairing makoto and sekai and even though i know and you all know that they really do deserve their deaths still they were the troublemakers in this anime and lets not forget kotonoha who killed sekai. . ahhh…sad really sad but the point is we are really humans. .cause even if we try to avoid the temptations we still cant. . no matter what we say about this anime how gross it is and all still its all true..

  21. This song is so perfect for the scene. It’s a really sad show, I’m still in disbelief, like i heard it was a tragedy so i expected some kind of suicide. The only character in the end i feel sorry for is Mokoto, he seems the most disgusted out of all of them. He tried to go right, but ended up getting shived because of a selfish girl, even if he did fuck her over. Every time i hear this, i remember Motoko saying “Thank Goodness” as he slips away. Him saying that, just made him seem like the victim in all this.

    All quite tragic, and the friends in this anime are no fucking help. You realize ALL her friends had sex with him, what friends?! I still think he should have done what he did and settle with kotonoha, she was the one willing to take him back, even if she was slightly psychotic. The scene with her cradling his head as she floated at sea, all of a sudden made me stop feeling bad for her, she ended up happy.

    Every time i re watch the series, i always look at sekai’s neck, knowing its going to be split wide open.

  22. no se si entiendan pero
    me encanta school days
    y me encanto el final
    li de la sangre y todo
    estubo super

  23. @Jamie:
    He says, “Sekai” if you listen to him. I saw the thank goodness, too… but he says, “Sekai” for sure. It makes more sense, too, if you think about it.

    Also @everyone: Sekai acts like a normal 10th grade girl! My little sis plays with people’s hearts like that all the time, and I know she doesn’t deserve death… and the whole “Makoto redeems himself” stuff… what?!?! He goes with Kotonoha only because he needs attention and sex… he’s not really sorry (according to my interpretation), just like she doesn’t really forgive him: she’s psychotic.

    Play the game, it’s really cool. The Hikari endings and the tragic endings are fantastic. It’s a bit hard to use AGTH and ATLAS to translate it, but it’s worth the effort. Don’t go for the typical good endings with Kotonoha and Sekai, I haven’t seen much impressive in that line. You really want to see the endings that are disturbing in some way… reason I include Hikari endings is ’cause there’s a great line. Makoto and Hikari are watching Taisuke halfway rape Kotonoha (she’s only mildly willing) and Makoto is first comforting her, then he gets a little frisky and says, “Keep quiet or Taisuke will know you’re with me.” Hikari replies with, “It’s impossible to stay quiet…” rather than “Back off,” which is pretty effed in my book.

    One last bit: watch “Blue Smile”, an ending from the PS2 game “School Days LxH”. It’s an extended version of “Through All Eternity” (aka “Eternally”) from the original 2005 PC game (Kotonoha’s suicide ending).

  24. I think that Sekai got what she deserved. However, I don’t believe Makoto should’ve died. He was good, and in a happy loving relationship until Sekai came with her ‘practice’ and ruined it. She was actually seducing him, and got him addicted, that set the whole wonderful story into a trail of darkness which lead to what happened in the final episode. It was really sad, and the song went perfectly. But I truly felt horrible for Katsura, she was all alone in the end. And most people call her a freak and whatnot for taking Makoto’s head, but think about it. If you have watched the entire series, when Makoto was int hat stupidity state with all of the different girls, mainly Sekai, he was ignoring her, and she had fallen so deeply in love with him, and she would always wait for him and try to see him though being turned down. And when she was left alone crying that one day when Sekai’s half sister kissed Makoto and they walked off, she seemed to have a mental breakdown of emotions from then on, even when Makoto begged for her forgiveness when she was waiting for him at the central tree, she still seemed to be horribly depressed. Not nearly as happy as she was at the beginning of the show. I truly wished it would’ve ended as a happy love story, but sadly it ended in tragedy, and that was all because of Sekai. All Sekai cared about was herself and her own happiness. She got Katsura and Makoto together, if she loved him she should’ve went after him and not done so. She killed Makoto only out of greed because she knew she couldn’t have him. Not to mention her complete lies. I believe though that Katsura probably kills herself after it ends, though it doesn’t show us this, it seems likely to had happened. Because Makoto was gone, and her only ‘friend’ was gone.

  25. I think that this movie can’t be a happy ending, because both Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji are too love Makoto Itou, so if he can’t decide who is he going to choose, there will be as least one of three will die!! I’d like to watch a happy ending movie, but this movie is touching my heart, it’s good, although it has a bad end!!

  26. all can i say.. nice boat^^ lol

  27. Akira the White

    The ending was so tragic. I liked the game endings better though. They made more sense than Sekai thrusting a knife through Makoto and then Katsura cutting Sekai open with a backsaw. I have to admit, this anime really changed my view on the world. And actually, the 12th Episode was never aired because right before it was suppose to be aired a 16-year old girl killed her father with an axe.

  28. ooH cool. Thank for sharing with this site!

  29. Never watched the full anime because of this song, man it went chills down my spine. But oddly enough i kinda like this song, dont know why though. :p

  30. This song make me feel sad about kotonoha…

  31. so sad to watch the ending of this anime. i never suspected it could be so tragic. this is my 1st time watching anime like this…..

  32. is there an isntrumental to this song?

  33. Mournful memories… T_T

    • Indeed.
      I’m actually listening to it as I’m writing this, lol.
      Listening to: いとうかなこ – 悲しみの向こうへ [Album: School Days VOCAL ALBUM #09] [Bitrate: 910kbps] [0:40/4:12] in foobar2000 v1.1

  34. I’ve watched the anime, read the manga and downloaded the vocal album but I can’t download the game and they don’t sell it in england. This song really moved me when it was put with the sekai and itou scene because there was the scene with the flashbacks as sekai was stabbing him of him happy with katsura and sekai. It actually made me cry, even though I should of been like “eew that’s gross” I was like “Omg, that’s just so sad and tragic” and I cried for weeks which probably wasn’t necessary but I was an amotional wreck. I reckon that Makoto should have been with that girl from his middle school, I can’t remember her name but the one he slept with in the “lounge” and then it was shown on video tape. I don’t really feel that sorry for Katsura because she annoyed me all the way through the series, one minute she loved itou and the next she was totally blanking her because he hugged her or summat stupid like that. I yelled at my laptop when I watched Katsura kill Sekai because although she was a deviant little bitch, she didn’t deserve that and neither did Makoto because he was just led astray by temptation and Sekai. Better School Days ending = Makoto manages to survive being stabbed and ends up in hospital, on the roof Sekai dodges Katsura’s lunge and stabs her. (just cos i don’t like katsura, she was seriously annoying) I reckon she killed herself while on the boat with itou’s head though because she was fragile anyway but then she found her boyfriends body, cut off his head and then killed her best friend, surely no-one can actually consider living a normal life after doing that.

  35. Seeing people say that Makoto was in a loving relationship with Kotonoha is the most bullshit I have seen. Were we not watching the same show? What part of it is a loving relationship when he makes her totally uncomfortable and tries to get with her every time he sees her, when she distinctly tells him that she’s not ready. That is not a loving relationship. Makoto is a scumbag in the anime. In the game, you control his actions so you can’t really blame him there and in the manga, he’s actually not that bad, amazingly enough, but in the anime.. he’s a sociopath.

    But anyone that knows me that I am slightly, unhealthily obsessed with School Days.

  36. whenever i hear this, scenes from that last episode pops in my mind. i like this song though. I don’t even know why.

  37. i honestly think that the whole reason that Makoto began to sleep around was because when he had the “training session” with Sekai he got the impression that every girl was like that. so he ended up pretty much getting his way with every girl because A. they were sluts and B. they liked him.
    I felt so bad for Kotonoha because the whole reason she went insane was because of Sekai; i:e catching them on the rooftop. I nearly cried every time she tried to be with Makoto and he’d just turn her away for a few minuets of pleasure with Sekai. (or with basically everyone else) the most heart wrenching scene for me (other than episode 12) was when you see Kotonoha on the swing set trying to talk to Makoto but only getting a rejected call message. (the worst was when Kotonoha was basically raped at the school festival by Makoto’s friend) I think the end of episode 11 was probably the best because Makoto finally saw the damage he had done to Kotonoha (she looked just so depressed and damaged while still trying to be happy) and decided that she’d be his one and only love interest.
    (and of course Sekai being greedy had to go and kill him which causes Kotonoha to finally snap and kill her as well as prove that she was never pregnant only usuing that as justification for her to have Mokoto all to herself.)
    The very end of episode 12 was tragic (obviously) but also a bit happy because Kotonoha was finally happy, but at the cost of her one and only love’s life.
    I truly wish at some point that someone would release an OVA in which Makoto survives the attempted murder and ends up happily while Kotonoha and Sekai either goes away or kills herself (I’d choose just her up and leaving being disgusted with herself)

  38. I dislike sekai and she got what was coming to her. Why did she set makuto and kotonoha together just to hurt them?! the evil little bitch. when makuto decided he wanted kotonoha at the end after all, sekai made it so that poor kotonoha could’nt have him either. In the whole series manga/show/game kotonoha was always the biggest victim. makuto loved kotonoha from the begining thats why it was her picture on his phone! sure kotonoha took his head but it was sekai who killed him in the first place. that backstabbing phony.

  39. capturinggod200

    yeah sekai was the source of all evil in school days stupid bitch should have told makoto she loved him thats if she really did before she hooked him up with kotonoha or leave him be he A) would of eventually ask kotonoha out himself and live happily ever after or B) end up with another girl but no she did get them together but couldn’t let it play out sure kotonoha is a little at fault for being timid about getting intimate and makoto for moving too fast but sekai perverted him with those so called practice lessons what gave her the right to kill him and on every website people put the blame on makoto i could guess they are feminist or guys who hold girls on high thrones llke they can do no wrong sure he cheated not with the whole school total exaggeration it more like a posse but that didn’t warrant death sekai got what she deserved cause she murdered makoto and was planning to do the same to kotonoha that is why she showed up at the school roof to shut her up so she could get away with murder.

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