D.N.Angel 3rd Ending Theme – Caged Bird

Caged Bird
Vocals: Miyamoto Shunichi
Lyrics: Miyamoto Shunichi
Composition: Miyamoto Shunichi
Arrangement: Miyamoto Shunichi

How high do I fly
Before you, who are distant and far, become invisible?

If I avert my eyes, I might feel at ease
But I want to always gaze at you from somewhere

Because I can’t forget you
At my wits’ end, I’m only looking up at the sky
Exactly like a little bird inside a cage
I’m searching for a window and wandering aimlessly

I want to see you immediately, because I love you
I fear getting hurt and I want to run away, but…
Even if my wings are trapped by invisible shackles
Nevertheless, you’re such a precious person to me that it’s sad

Caged Bird
Vocals: Miyamoto Shunichi

Takaku   dono kurai   tonde ittara
Haruka tooku no   kimi ga   mienaku naru no?

Hitomi   soraseba   raku ni naru no kamo shirenai
Demo   itsumo dokoka de   mitsumete itai

Wasureru koto nante   deki wa shinai kara
Nasu sube mo naku   sora o miageteru dake
Maru de kago no naka no   chiisa na tori no you ni
Mado o sagashite   ate mo naku   samayotte iru

Ima sugu ni aitai   kimi ga suki da kara
Kizutsuku koto ga   kowakute nigetai kedo
Mienai shigarami ni   tsubasa   torawarete mo
Sore de mo kimi wa   kanashii hodo   taisetsu na hito


5 responses to “D.N.Angel 3rd Ending Theme – Caged Bird

  1. Yep.. I Luv This song! ^_^

  2. HanebiTO/wingED Ones

    HAHAS…added this song into my faverourite list while updating it the other day<3333


  4. I missed watching this episode the first time around! But, luckily, I watched it online! The song is haunting, melancholic, so sad, I feel my heart is being ripped apart! I wished I could record it on my phone. Kudos to the composer!

  5. it was so beautiful i love this song so much!!!

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