Black Blood Brothers Ending Theme – Shingiru

Take what you will, I don’t think the following is too accurate.
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The original lyrics of the song were mostly in Korean, which I don’t understand. I can’t see anything in those sticks and circles. The following translation is based from a fan’s Korean-to-Japanese translation of the lyrics, so who knows how much gets lost in the double-translation.

‘Shingiru’, I heard, is the Korean pronunciation of the Japanese word ‘shinkirou’, which is the more popular and accepted title of the song.


The secrets in my dreams tell me
About the sorrows that I’ll come across
I must yearn for mercy
Your pained appearance and my greeting
A gaze that was shut as if tired
I don’t wish for anything more than these
The sickened promise is stinking and hidden; I never knew…

A dream that I can’t recover
My memories grew dim
My pains became dull and my heart cracked
My burnt out soul is simply a cooled mountain of ash
My tears are filled with pain, ha…

So tell me… tell me… the reason why…
How can you do this to me…
You break my heart…
And you make me cry…

In the expressionless, final moonlight
Covered in muddied excuses
The warmth that embraced you
Vanished without a trace; You’ll never know…

Within the endless pain
There’s the belated regret that was left behind
And the flowers of love that disappear meaninglessly…

So tell me… tell me… the reason why…
How can you do this to me…
You break my heart…
And you make me cry…


19 responses to “Black Blood Brothers Ending Theme – Shingiru

  1. That was a very good translation for not knowing any korean and I am very happy you posted it. I am a big fan of Loveholic. For the anime, did they do a japanese version? Or did they just do the english parts? Just curious…Thanks again!

  2. I…don’t know. I’ve never seen the anime. I believe that a TV Size version of the song in Korean/English was used in the anime.

  3. Elohim's Blade

    Regardless of what is the more accepted and popular spelling of the word, the fact remains that it is a Korean song by a Korean band. Of course, romanization of either Korean or Japanese is hardly standardized, so there is no “true” method to translation, but “Shingiru” is the most accurate English spelling of the word pronounced in Korean.

  4. -Anne

    A TV Size Korean version was used in the anime.

  5. Oh wow!! Great translation!! I really love this song ^_^ Loveholic’s kwl…

  6. this is a really beautiful song… thx for the trans -w- i was only able to find japanese trans for it before… lol.

    i’ve attemted a “romanization” of the song… if anyone’s interested, feel free to take a look ^^;;

  7. i like the song very much and it is one of my favorite anime.. thanks for thr translation

  8. WOW!!! you’re a decoder ahh!! that was an excellent proportions of words and it’s meaning.. ei i’m a big fan of blac blood brothers thanks for sharing the meaning of the ending song..

  9. Me and my Sister loves this love song of black blood brothers
    bec. its so beautiful song… We are so addcted to this tv. show of tv 5…,,, lavyYYYhhh

  10. I love black blood brothers

  11. i love this…
    i feel so calm

  12. i wish that black blood brothers could have season 2

  13. i love black blood.. also the characters and the theme song

  14. me w/ my inzan love black blood

  15. That was very good,my brother and I really love this anime,I really really really like it…

  16. heh heh the anime is called black blood brothers there is 12 episodes and only one season watch it on netflix 🙂

  17. Kyra "Envy" Elric/Sellers

    Thank you so much for posting the translation!I cannot explain how thankful I am! I loved the song when I watched Black Blood Brothers,but I couldn’t find the English translation!I can relate to this song,so I wanted to send it to a friend of mine who broke my heart(three times…) but anyways!thank u so much!^^

    • Jiro Mochizuki

      i love black blood brothers!!! When im only 5yrs old and now im 13yrs old. Thanks for translation

  18. ohh .. thank u 4 the eng. translation 🙂

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