Rozen Maiden Best Album Leer Lied – Monokuro Sekai

Monochrome World
Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Shimotsuki Haruka
Composition: myu
Arrangement: myu

Inside the cold shell
A finger touched my heart

If I twist the monochrome screw
Then the stopped time will start moving

Light lands
The silver star flickers

And until it loses its colors
This worlds is able to keep revolving

Monokuro Sekai
Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka

Tsumetai   kara no naka
Kokoro ni   fureta yubi

Monokuro no neji o makeba
Tomatta toki ga ugokidasu

Hikari ga   maioriru
Yurameku   gin no hoshi

Soshite iro o nakusu made
Mawaritsuzukeru kono sekai

11 responses to “Rozen Maiden Best Album Leer Lied – Monokuro Sekai

  1. I know this isn’t the right place to request, but any chances for complete lyrics (in Japanese) for Suigintou’s song from Leer Lied (kanata kara no requiem)? Those were too much for me to handle on my own. Thanks in advance.

    Hope you had fun on Anime Boston.

  2. I’m working on the lyrics… April 25th was a big day for a lot of CD releases, so I’m currently just picking off the ones that I like the most. ^^

  3. I understand. 😉

  4. such a beautiful song…

  5. I finally have Utsusemi No Kage, want me to send the link?

  6. What link? To the mp3 or the lyrics? Either way, no thanks. I have the lyrics and the song already. Please see under the Submissions tab near the top of the page.

  7. UM…can you post the full lyrics to Midori No Yubi, from the Rozen maiden Best album, I just wanted to know the lyrics to the song

  8. This song was On the Toumei Shelter Album

  9. I’m sorry for asking, but, do you think you can translate what the background singers were saying?

  10. PPLLLLEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE! Translate Utsusemi no Kage, I have the Japanese Lyrics on my site, can’t you translate it?! Please! I’m not skilled in Japanese Translation like you!

    Translate Utsusemi no Kage! PLEASE!

  11. uuumm…Atashi-san…
    ano…can you translate the Eden song??
    uumm…i love that song..and many people love it too..
    so can you translate it??
    thanx for reading my wish….
    and is anyone know where i can download the leer lied songs??
    arigatou nee..minna…

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