The Melancholy of Me Special TV Size Version ED Dance

Last Meeting Before the Convention of ED Dance Practice

Finally, five people. It was a lot of fun. ^_^
*beep beep beep* I may attempt the Lucky☆Star OP dance next. *beep beep beep*

We didn’t look exactly like the characters, but it was a lot of fun. ^_^

This was done just for fun.

I think I’ll omit the final spin from now on… I’ve tried, many, many times, and it never works out right.

I’ll update weekly to keep track of my progress, if I can get practice done during that week. I’ve got until April to master the dance for Anime Boston’s Masquerade Competition… I really hope that I can do so without looking at a video replaying the action to me whilst interacting with four other people.

Older stuff:

Day 2
(Day 1 was yesterday, and I didn’t tape anything)

Day 3

Day 3 + EXTRAS of ED Dance Practice

Now with the final moves left in instead of completely not attempted. It’s a horrendous mess, I swear.

Day 5 Medley of ED Dance Practice

Oddball music works surprising well at times.

Week 1 of ED Dance Practice

Hmm, somehow in practicing the harder parts of the dance, I’ve forgotten how to do the easier parts, especially the spins… o.O More practice is in order, then. ^^;;;

Day 10 + Extras of ED Dance Practice

Special late-night, I’m-not-sure-why-I’m-awake edition. This is what happens when a floor of people hear about your crazy dance and demand to put up decorations behind you.

Week 2 of ED Dance Practice

Summer uniform version, yes!
Ending spin still broken, no!

Month 1 of ED Dance Practice

We swear that we’re all insane.
Zettai Ryouiki FOR THE WIN.

Month 2 of ED Dance Practice

What happens when Haruhi dons Kyon’s (oversized) blazer?

53 responses to “The Melancholy of Me Special TV Size Version ED Dance

  1. omg first comment? Ok first thing, you are cute. Look abit like Suzumiya Haruhi I guess. and yes I’m a guy and I believe I’m older than u. Actually in real-life situations I don’t fling compliments like that but this is different 😛

    Ok that aside, your dancing isn’t that good but this IS the 2nd day only, the dance has some movements I believe are ONLY POSSIBLE IN ANIMATION godamnit! I guess u proved me wrong. You actually got more graceful towards the end when you warmed up. Well good try and keep it up!

    (still waiting for my sub of Ichigo Mashimaro OP and ED)

  2. Good dance moves!Why got so little comments?Anyway,you look like Haruhi dancho and I think you can cosplay Haruhi dancho as well!Anyway,it’s very good that you practiced the dance for two days and you know how to dance like Haruhi dancho already,^^

  3. you´re sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! XD
    I really like to see you in one of ours anime events here in brazil XD
    oh, btw I love your translated lyrics
    ganbatte! \o/

  4. omg you’re so cute. haha. >_> sadly, i don’t think you look much like haruhi……er, i also tried to do this dance, as Yuki Nagato! while I cosplayed as yuki, I eventually ended up doing God Knows instead with three friends. My friend sang! Also, did you buy your costume, or make it? It looks somehow……neater……than mine. >_>

  5. I made my costume. ^_^

  6. looks better! loving the cosplay outfit. once you get the dance down, maybe you should record a ‘dress rehearsal’. XD but definitely keep at it, it’s coming along. just a suggestion tho, try putting a little more step into it at the ‘kagirinaku furisosogu’ and ‘ureshisa wo atsumeyou’ parts – it’s not that you’re not giving enough energy (your energy is great), but it doesn’t seem as bouncy without a larger step. like i said, just a friendly suggestion. o’-‘o

  7. Heh, cute. A lot better than most vids I’ve seen of that dance. Good job. Would love to see more.

  8. Wish I could edit that comment from before… ah well. Just wanted to let you know I’m officially your fan now =3

  9. Oh My! look so weird I did think you are the first to do this video-homemade, I did like to see an encore of the video hahas

  10. Pratice makes perfect, u go girl!

  11. Ah, are you a Singaporean?

    Just guessing from your face. ^^; I can actually tell where Asians come from by seeing their face.

  12. Not bad! Keep practicing, and I’m sure by April you’ll be great. n__n

    I should be going to Anime Boston this year with a couple of friends… I’ll have to make sure to see the Masquerade!

  13. Wow, this is just what I was looking for! I was thinking of cosplaying tsuraya and I also want to do the dance. (I don’t know if my wig will fall off!) Anyway, I think you’re really great and will continue watching this site!

  14. Hey Hey! You’re not a bad dancetress

  15. aaaaaaaah!! You`r soooo CUUUUUTEEEE!!
    I really mean it!!

  16. made of win and awesome, ’nuff said

  17. Nice
    I didn’t think someone could do it but… has been done……lol

    Now all that’s left are the other four ppl to join you…..

    Good Job

  18. Awesomeness. ^__^ You’re really good. I also like your costume, it looks really good! ^^ good job~

  19. Ribbon-tan, hey Ribbon-tan! You spin like guru-guru-guru-guru-guru nyoro~n.

  20. I’m actually scared by the idea of who might buy the costume… 😀

  21. hm that looks sooo fun…=] cant wait to see the end result

  22. Yup. You’ve been /b/tarded by the 4chan folk. Time to put in a spam filter. Specifically, one that nails anyone who posts ‘desu’ a bunch of times… 😀

  23. “CALLING ITSUKI!! My SOS-dan group for the dance is currently missing a possibly gay ESPer! If you’re going to Anime Boston as Koizumi Itsuki-kun, please contact me! If we don’t find an Itsuki by March 15th, heads will roll! If you’ll be attending Anime Boston as any other Suzumiya Haruhi character and are willing to dance with us, please contact me anyways, because we’re willing to take anyone if we don’t have an Itsuki. A five-person dance group is better than four.”

    I really didn’t think what i said in the last post would come true……..I must have hidden powers or something

    all i can really say is…….go for #1
    Ichi Ban (I think i got that right)

    Next Prediction:
    Now all you need is the 2 Backgrounds from the anime ROFL

    if you pull this off……I will make a vid on youtube of me bowing to you

  24. This is my first time inside the page, and i want to congratulate you for your efforts and tell you…

    are you the maker of the pictures in the page? the upper one is really cute; and
    O_o Omg!!! are you the dance-girl?? you are so cute!!!! :3 ejem… anyway, good luck finding your itsuki, also the page its very good elaborated.

    pd. Excuse me if i’m a litle rude-talker, its just im not used to english.

  25. good, first single dance i see, you did very well, nah, it make me want another season.

  26. Holy wow…

    I swear that dance is the meaning of life.

  27. I ROFLed at the guy you got to do it
    he looked he could of been the one to be the guy on the left

    But i can’t laugh too much cause i probably would of went and did it if i could get to Anime Boston (Boston in general for that matter :P)
    But I’ll Just settle for Otakon when it comes up

  28. I *wish* I could join your SOS団! I’ll be going as both Kyon and Yuki to Anime Expo again this year (hardly anyone recognized me last year, which I really couldn’t believe, sniff) but won’t be going with a group or joining the Masquerade. I hope you find someone to help you!

    Your site is FABULOUS, by the way. Thank you so much for all your hard work. :):)

  29. lol! you make me want to go to anime boston just to watch you perform =p
    @Dan : i soo agree with you ^^

  30. I’m quite curious, was there a TV in front of your group or did you completely memorize the dance by heart?

    Anyways, luv your group. The boy on the right got covered a lot. LOL.

    Anyways, you need one more person to make it perfect. The dance moves were good.

    @your comment: I don’t agree, it’s not insane. It’s creative!

  31. I loved the Hare Hare Yukai dance; and I really enjoy seeing everyone trying it out.

    I memorized most of the dance in a day (Inherent craziness wheee); I only can’t do the ending part right: everything else I’ve gotten down pat… only I keep tapping the wrong foot for one part of the dance >_

  32. OMG… I only watched the ‘Month 1’ video but this is brilliant! 🙂 I only wished I lived in America so I could go to the same Con and watch this live! I’ll be sure to watch the finalised version 😉 Seriously… I loved this dance in the ED, but seeing it ‘live’ makes it take on a whole new life of its own. Ganbatte…!

    p/s: *sets aside time for practise too*

  33. lol !
    very funny !
    I guess the blue clothes are *kawai* !
    really good job ^^
    Continue like that !

  34. in the 1 month video the other ppl needs to practice more and u guys needs to be doing those moves the same time

  35. whoa your kinda cute

  36. lol first to comment after the update of second mth?
    very nice practice there, Atashi…. i wonder if i can dance like that … haha. anyway, seriously speaking; i think that the moves are ok, just that need to work on ‘smoothing’ the moves up. and remember not to panic or anything because of nerves/ etc, might screw stuff up ^^
    i was watching your take on the dance and the actual dance side by side, note that in terms of timing, at some parts you happen to be a bit faster, but in terms of moves, you got them i’d say.. 98%. Keep the good work up! ganbatte! ^^
    p.s. if this keeps up i have to get a plane ticket to go watch u… bwahahaha

  37. Hehe akal, she’s doing well isn’t she?
    Gogo Atashi-san 🙂

  38. Its nice ^!^

    i bet i can’t dance as well as yours.

    Ganbatteh ^^

  39. Hey hey thats a very gd costume u have!

    Anyway, i think u r a bit too frisky when you dance. Got to keep your fangal enthusiasm lower! Its so cool that you have so many friends to dance with you…

    Your ending spin is superb. Gd job on it!

  40. Wow, you’ve really improved! I’m sure you’ll have it perfected by AB. *grins*

    *applauds* 😀

  41. Looks great! I just started trying to learn it a couple days ago…for some reason can’t figure out the move after the pointing in different directions and cross punch. Where the hands go all swirly up and down ending at the top.

  42. the furniture, the trash cans, all too familiar…haruhi invades the wedge?!?!?

  43. Shoot, someone who recognizes where I am? o.o **hides**

  44. ur seriously cute~
    well get better with ur dance and ur final spin
    ganbatte ne?

  45. It’s great to see how much you’ve improved over the span of a few months. I hope you’ll do good at the competition.

    I just saw the Lucky☆Star opening dance, and I hope you don’t hurt yourself while attempting it .__.

  46. ohhhhhh lol! nice, way nice!
    now im really seriously regretting not being able to make it… maybe i could ditch work and grab a last-minute-plane-ticket and watch u…

    Ganbatte ne!

  47. OMG idk if its to late or not but good luck at Boston Anime!!!

  48. randompasserby

    The final rehearsal was awesome! Not to mention the photos…those were well done, too. What pattern did you use for the skirt?

  49. @ randompasserby:
    I modified the skirt from Simplicity 4260 (trimming the width of the waistband, moving the pleat opening points); it’s a girls’ size pattern, by the way.

  50. so very good Atashi! 😀

  51. Hey, I was wondering if I can get the Haruhi costume, because Ive been wanting to get a nice costume for cosplay since like..forever. Please email me if it isnt taken, if its not taken please tell me the price and what it has with it? x~x Thank you!

  52. lol. Thats cool. I love the ending video with them dancing, its animated well. I didnt think it could look very good in real life but i was wrong 😀

  53. Wow, all this is fun, and the girl in blue is really cute. Good work, good fun!

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