Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na -Crescent Love- Ending Theme – Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~

Crescent Love ~The Moon’s Tears~
Vocals: Nabatame Hitomi
Lyrics: Mori Yuriko
Composition: Okazaki Yujiro
Arrangement: Okazaki Yujiro

The platinum crescent moon
Now softly stands still in the sky
I look up and think
Those shooting stars are surely the moon’s tears
Then I thought of you

Why do my tears flow?
Even though I’m merely praying for eternity

I want to believe in the future and walk
With you, no matter how many times the moon waxes and wanes

The moon that is illuminating the darkness
And simply looking at the ground
I’ll do so, too
I surely want to protect you with this gaze
All the time

I met you and knew for the first time
That suffering moistens my cheeks, but-

I want to only look forward and walk
At anytime, embracing the brilliance to my heart

The miracle that I found in the vast universe
Even if eternity is severed

Let’s promise that we’ll definitely be able to meet
No matter how many times the moon waxes and wanes, I won’t forget you


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