Rozen Maiden träumend Insert Song – Shun

Vocals: Kawaragi Shiho as Megu

The dream is the wind
The light guides
Overcoming the light and clouds
Your voice echoes

The tender present moment keeps
And bad memories far away
The quiet night continues

Even the footprints
Remaining at this place
Begin to disappear and distort
Like scars

Inside of dreams
The heart that was born
You’re watching me
Through the glass window

I shut it within the moment
Cast off the clinging feelings
And connect all thoughts together

Vocals: Kawaragi Shiho as Megu

Yume wa kaze
Hikari michibiku
Sora to kumo o koete yuku
Anata no koe   hibike

Shiawase to
Iya na omoide
Yasashii ima ga toozakaru
Shizuka na yoru   tsuzuke

Kono basho ni nokosu
Ashiato sae
Kiekakete yugamu
Kizuato no you

Yume no naka
Umareta kokoro
Garasu mado ga
Kimi miteru

Shun no uchi ni komete
Sugaru kimochi sutete
Subete omoi tsunage


あなたの声 響け

静かな夜 続け




18 responses to “Rozen Maiden träumend Insert Song – Shun

  1. I love this song, but what is the complete name and singer?

  2. Erm? I’m afraid that I don’t fully understand your question…

  3. how can i search this song? icant find it!

  4. yes, but i have probles with that page, i have tried to download it, but i cant register completly. Well, thank you i will try to download it.

  5. err, my last comment got cut off it seems ^^; I just said: niiice *heart* I always loved hearing this song when it played in the anime (so saaad). Do you have the romaji for it by chance?

  6. Okay, I’ve put the romaji up.

  7. I just have a question~ nipponsei listed the song as “Madoka” – I’m guessing Shun is right ’cause it makes more sense – but why would nipponsei call it “Madoka”? Is it close in terms of the way it’s written?

  8. I’m not really sure because I didn’t download this song from Nipponsei, but I’m thinking the person who uploaded the file made a mistake in naming it. It happens every now and then with Nipponsei.

  9. Hi, I love this song too. In Rozen Maiden anime, Megu usually sang this song, right?

    Another OST from R Z that I love is “KAMP” . But it’s hard to find the lyric, can you help me ?

  10. Rozen Maiden will have Season 3, won’t it ?

  11. Hi..please i have one question…Do you know where can I find Kamp lyric??? because I love that song and i don´t find it….please if somebody know where is it ,write on my email address

  12. I was also wondering if anyone had the lyrics to the song Kamp by kukui.
    This might not be the place to request it, so sorry.

  13. uh…where can we find the full lyrics for Madoka? =X

  14. My second daughter of 13 names Madoka. I chose this song for her. Bravo Madoka! C’est pour toi ce que j’ai choisi comme chanson jap.

  15. This is my absolute favorite anime song – which is quite an achievement for this little gem considering the roughly 300 songs like.

  16. adorable song… :’)

    thanks for the lyric

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