Jigoku Shojo Original Soundtrack II – Sakura Uta

Sakura Song
Vocals: Noto Mamiko

When will the sakura flowers bloom?
They bloom when they are in their mountain homes

When will the sakura flowers smell fragrant?
When the laughing seven-year-old child plays

When will the sakura flowers dance?
When the singing seven-year-old child sleeps

When will the sakura flowers wilt?
When the dead seven-year-old child ascends

Sakura Uta
Vocals: Noto Mamiko

Sakura no hana wa   itsu hiraku
Yama no osato ni   itsu hiraku

Sakura no hana wa   itsu niou
Warau nana no ko   asobu koro

Sakura no hana wa   itsu odoru
Utau nana no ko   nemuru koro

Sakura no hana wa   itsu kuchiru
Shinda nana no ko   noboru koro


51 responses to “Jigoku Shojo Original Soundtrack II – Sakura Uta

  1. hi, i wonder wher i can find the romaji version? coz, its really nice.. thanks for this one too! great job!

  2. I’ve put the romanization up.

  3. Where can I download the song?

  4. I originally got the song as a part of the Jigoku Shoujo OST II, so you might want to start by looking for the entire OST download.

  5. Thanks for the translations! I was wondering, is Sakura Uta the last song on the OST? Because my version of “Sakura Uta” is just an instrumental (and I can’t find one with vocals)

  6. I believe Sakura Uta is the 21st song in the OST, or the 6th to last.

  7. Just wondering… are you a Jap?
    And are there any websites to download the OST? Coz my LimeWire keeps saying Awaiting Sources.. and it’s been a long time.

  8. @ Rynoa: Please watch your language.

  9. Oh, for the 21st track I have “Kizamareru Oto” as the track name (it’s the song though). I wonder if Nipponsei labeled the song wrong?

  10. If it’s got vocals, then it’s Sakura Uta. Yes, Nipponsei mislabeled that track.

  11. Sorry again, Atashi. I wasn’t meaning it badly in anyway… I was asking whether you were a Japanese or not, but you verified that in your TagBox.
    REALLY sorry.
    For the OST, though, did you get it from the Music shop or ordered it online? I don’t think my country stocks it… 😦
    Again, I’m sorry.

  12. Apology accepted. ^_^
    I got the OST from Nipponsei since I don’t have the money to buy imports from Japan…

  13. If you have time, do you think you could give me the tracklisting for OST 02? I’m not sure which tracks are correct now ^^;

  14. Um… what’s Nipponsei? *clueless look.

  15. when i 1st listen to this track i was a little spooked out, lol (headset wth high volume). i love this song cause of the storyline in the anime. TY

  16. Hi..I went to the sendspace website but it won’t load the song .. So if possible can email me the song? Thanks..if not nvm ..>.

  17. ^^ thanks for putting the song up! *glomp*

  18. bol-and-delicious

    thnkx putting up the ltrics i was looking for it and alot of people got some of the lines wrong lool! thank you ALOT!!

  19. Beautiful and chilling, thank you for translating. Literally, as I read this, a soft cold wind blew my door shut, scaring me slightly.

    Thank you!

  20. Hey.. I was wondering… What does “Kizamareru Oto” traslate to in English? 🙂
    Oh, and yeah, thanks for the lyrics! 😉

  21. there are diffirent song. the other seem more romanner

  22. Hey…Thanks for the translation.Now I understand what its meaning in this lyric.Anyway,arigato gozaimasu,Atashi-kun.:)

  23. isn’t it supposed to be cherry blossoms in the sakura word in the english translation?
    i saw it in the episode…

  24. thanks anyway… u r the best… keep up the good work!

  25. Actually, I Googled for “Sakura Uta” and I got a different song–the one WITHOUT vocals. I tried Googling for “Kizamareru Oto” and I got the song with vocals–the one you have lyrics for. Now I’m confused: did the track listing for Jigoku Shoujo OST II make a mistake, or is “Sakura Uta” really “Kizamareru Oto”?

  26. The original uploader of the soundtrack made a mistake. I’m personally confused as well, but I think the correct title is Sakura Uta.

  27. I love this!!!
    Arigatou, Ai

  28. I checked the Japanese wiki article for the Jigoku Shoujo OSTs, and you’re correct, Atashi. Track 21–the one you have linked for download–is indeed called Sakura Uta. If you want to check for yourself, go to the Japanese Wikipedia article for the and scroll down to track 21–さくらうた.

    (Sorry if the link shows up weird…I don’t know how to use XHTML.)

  29. gosh. this song freaks me out, yet, Ai’s voice is really soft and beautiful. still, damn chilling.

    thanks for uploading!

    uh…now…whose that someone knocking on the door..?!!

  30. I think, that every second row has been misunderstood.
    The “Nana no ko” should mean the “Seven-years-ols girl”, I think, because of the story. Yes, it should be nanasai then, but the seven children should be nananin at the same time, so it’s not count.
    I hope though that I’m not wrong in this 🙂

  31. I think you’re probably right. I’ll go change it. Thanks!

  32. thank u for this song..


    im one of the victim of ai enma

  34. Thank you SO much! I’ve been looking for this song EVERYWHERE, and I found the lyrics AND the song itself! I can’t seem to thank you enough!


  35. Finally!!! I find sakura uta – jigoku shoujo lirik! I like it!

  36. Thanx a lot .i love this song a lot

  37. Atashi,if this is the song sung by Ai and her cousin while she’s hiding in the shrine (in episode 25, “Hell Girl”) this song is sung differently on the DVD. For example, it’s “children of seven”, not “seven year old child”. Could you please watch the episode again and fix the song lyrics for us? Thanks in advance! 😀

  38. [audio src="http://www.tenshi.spb.ru/anime-ost/Jigoku_Shoujo/TV1.OST-II/21-kizamareru_oto.mp3" /]


  39. thanks a lot! beautiful song…

  40. すごい!!!

  41. hi Atashi-san! thanx so much for sakura no uta mp3!!! i have been literally dying to get a hold of this!
    🙂 ur website is great! thanx once again!

  42. Thaks for the DD link, I downloaded the full soundtrack but this one was broken in the zip, so thanks again 😀

  43. its nice……….

    i love the english translations……….

    arigato gonzaimasu…………..


  44. cool i have been looking for this song

  45. thanks guys.. just watched this anime.. (i wasnt really an anime fan but now i wanna watch anime like hell) now im trying to watch all anime i could.. btw can u guys suggest some to watch?

    also btw.. it would be really cool to have a gf same as Ai’s personality 😀

  46. Tanvi Tirodkar

    Thanks a lot. Japanese is such a beautiful language. ( sounds good …….i dont understand it) I’m so gon learn it. Thanks for the lyrics btw.

  47. Wooow.. THANK YOU!!!! this is awesome *O*
    love this 😀

  48. thanks so much

  49. can u find the other one.. when the twin sings in the dark room.. i want that too..lol..tanobu! and thank you :3

  50. I hope you know the english lyrics are wrong.

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