BLEACH 3rd Ending Theme – Houkiboshi

Vocals: Younha
Lyrics: Sato Ema
Composition: Tanaka Nao
Arrangement: Tanaka Nao

Alone, I looked up at the night sky and saw a comet
It burst out for only a moment and disappeared
But if I think of you, my chest aches
I want to see you now, but since I can’t fly in the sky-

If I could turn into a comet
Then I’d dash and fly through the sky
No matter what sort of tomorrow comes, my feelings are strong
That’s why my comet will never crumble

Even now I still remember what you said
When I complained that I didn’t like the raining
‘Stars appear beautifully in the night sky after the rain’
If I consider that, then I can even come to love the rain, and-

If I could turn into a comet
Then I’d shower you with overflowing light, always
So that you, gazing at the night sky when you’re sad
Will have a smile, I want to shine more

You’re always alone, fighting against something
I can’t do anything but be by your side, but-

If I could turn into a comet
Then I’d dash and fly through the sky, surely
I’ll definitely reach you, with this moment of light
I’ll illuminate you now and circle the sky
If I could turn into a comet
Then surely I’d be by your side at anytime

Vocals: Younha

Yozora o miage hitori   houkiboshi o mita no
Isshun de hajikete wa   kiete shimatta kedo
Anata no koto omou to   mune ga itaku naru no
Ima sugu aitai yo   dakedo sora wa tobenai kara

Moshi atashi ga   houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Sora kakenuke   tonde iku
Donna ashita ga kite mo   kono omoi wa tsuyoi
Dakara houkiboshi zutto   kowarenai yo

Ame ga futte iya da to   boyaite ita toki ni
Anata ga itta koto   ima de mo oboeteru
Ame no ato no yozora wa   kirei ni hoshi ga deru
Sore o kangaeru to   ame mo suki ni nareru yo ne to

Moshi atashi ga   houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Afureru hikari furasu yo   itsumo
Kanashii toki   yozora miru anata ga
Egao ni naru you ni   motto kagayakitai

Anata wa itsumo hitori   nanika to tatakatteru
Soba ni iru koto shika   atashi ni wa dekinai kedo

Moshi atashi ga   houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Sora kakenuke tonde iku   kitto
Kanarazu todoku   kono isshun no hikari de
Anata no ima terashi   sora o megurou
Atashi ga   houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
Kitto soba ni ite ageru   donna toki mo


23 responses to “BLEACH 3rd Ending Theme – Houkiboshi

  1. dakedokiitokiito

    waahh! this is a love song!??!

    can you please added the romanji lyrics =P

    would be greatly appreciated thanx

  2. Romaji has been done~ ^_^

  3. Omigosh!
    Im so glad I found this website. I couldn’t find any english lyrics for this song and I needed it for a project im doing at school.
    Thank you!

  4. Thanks a bunch. =)

  5. waaaaaaaaaaaa, i love thus song!!!!!

  6. This song really made me stun.. I love it 🙂 I dedicate it to Naosuke (//_^)

  7. omg tank you, you know how hard it is to fin music downloads

  8. kelsey akiko.. fife..

    hey cool.. i always wondered wot this song said..

  9. i love it i really do thanks for posting ^-^

  10. bleach is my fav anime

  11. thx!really love it and appreciate that u posted!

  12. i’ve been looking for these song lyrics for like…months….
    you rock my pink and green socks!

  13. luv luv luv luv luv this song!! (*o*)

    thnx!! (^o^)y

  14. this is one of my favorite ending song from bleach tnx for posting the lyrics… I luv this song

  15. i think this song is very2 good cause i love all song from bleach film.

  16. yay i love this song ^_^

    i’ve seen the PV, Younha is very cute . . .

  17. didie bleach lov

    it’so cool, i love this song, it so…, Younha is so so so so cute et beautiful

  18. Love this song SO MUCH!!! XD

    just want to verify something in the English translation:

    “When I complained that I didn’t like the raining”

    Sounds kinda weird. Shouldn’t it be “I didn’t like the rain”? O_O

    Just asking. Peace! 🙂

  19. This song is great thx for translation. I heard even the Korean version 😀

  20. very nice indeed.

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