Paradise Kiss Opening Theme – ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥

♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥
Vocals: Tommy february6

I dashed out at 0 o’clock in the morning
I kicked the door open
My glass slippers shattered
And my dress tore, too

Hey, aren’t you shocked?
Even if I chased after you, you wouldn’t come
My tears overflow and I can’t run anymore…

It just might be jealousy… It’s-so-pain-ful…!!

“Lonely in Gorgeous” yeah…
Party night… I’m breaking my heart
I want you to find me immediately and embrace me

The headlights shine
…where are you bad boy?
Wipe away my tears with the scarf of love
I can’t see anything

I want to scrape up stardust
And hurl it at you
Why do you care?
And yet you are only able to love yourself…

I just might be falling out of love… Is it for real…?!

“Lonely in Gorgeous” yeah…
Party time…won’t bury that
If you’re not here, then the world seems empty

I want to keep dreaming
“I miss you bad boy”
Please don’t shut me inside the glitter
Or I’ll break down

“Lonely in Gorgeous”
I’m breaking my heart
Where are you bad boy?
“Lonely in party night”

“Lonely in Gorgeous”
I’m breaking my heart
I miss you bad boy
“Lonely in party time”

“Lonely in Gorgeous” yeah…
Party night… I can’t laugh
I don’t need anything, just be by my side

“Lonely in Gorgeous” yeah…
Party night… I’m breaking my heart
Inside of the box of glitter that you left behind
I embrace loneliness and I can’t move
I don’t need anything, just be by my side
Kneel down, look at me
And pledge your love

♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥
Vocals: Tommy february6

Gozen rei-ji, tobidashita
Tobira o ketobashite
Garasu no kutsu ga warete
Doresu mo yabureta

Nee Akirete iru n deshou?
Oikakete mo konai
Namida ga afurete Mou hashirenai wa…

Jerashii kamo… SE-TSU-NA-I…!!

“Lonely in Gorgeous” Yeah…
Party night… I’m breaking my heart
Ima sugu mitsukete Dakishimete hoshii

Heddo raito ga hikaru
…where are you bad boy?
Ai no sukaafu de namida o fuite
Nan ni mo mienai

Hoshikuzu o kakiatsume
Anata ni butsuketai
Naze kamau no?
Jibun shika aisenai kuse ni…

Shitsuren kamo… Maji na no…?!

“Lonely in Gorgeous” Yeah…
Party time… Umaranai
Anata ga inai to Karappo na sekai

Yume no tsuzuki ga mitai
“I miss you bad boy”
Kirameki no naka ni tojikomenaide
Kowarete shimau wa

“Lonely in Gorgeous”
I’m breaking my heart
Where are you bad boy?
“Lonely in party night”

“Lonely in Gorgeous”
I’m breaking my heart
I miss you bad boy
“Lonely in party time”

“Lonely in Gorgeous” Yeah…
Party night… Waraenai
Nani mo iranai Tada soba ni ite

“Lonely in Gorgeous” Yeah…
Party night… I’m breaking my heart
Anata ga nokoshita Kirameki no hako no naka de
Kodoku o daite ugokenai
Nani mo iranai no Tada soba ni ite
Hizamazuite Watashi o mite
Ai o chikatte

82 responses to “Paradise Kiss Opening Theme – ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥

  1. ahh. I love this song

  2. When did Paradise Kiss came out? I just started watching it on Animax.

    In LOVE with the theme song!

  3. i like this song better than the songs from the nana anime, even though that one’s an anime about music >_

  4. i love this song o!!!!

  5. i love this song much much forever…….^_^

  6. Hah.. i luv it too..!

  7. i watch on animx pluz i eevn download it thus burn it to cd..i feel amazin to hav it…lol

  8. my head keep singing that song…

  9. heard tis song on animax channel b4,i lik it much thx dude,but i wanna ask…tis a new song or old?

    DAMM!!! nice tis song

  10. Hmm, I’m not sure when to classified a song as old or new… ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥ came out on November 30th, 2005.

  11. Thx for uploading it ^^. i

  12. I can no longer download it.. it said that there are no free download slots… so sad..!!

  13. It still works… If Sendspace says that there aren’t any free download slots, try clicking on the download again.

  14. Is there any way that you can post the romanji lyrics for this? Would appreciate it

  15. aGrEED!!! This sOng iS mY FaVoriTe!!!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    u know how hard i find this song???
    Thxs GOD!! Its finally come to an end for my search!
    thank you sososososo x 1000 much!

  17. the best song in the world.I love all anime song BUT this is THE BEST SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I really love this song!this is the best song in anime I ever heard!

  19. Omg, me n sista luuuuuuv dis song soo much. . We watch paradise kiss on every tuesday!! N my sis make sure dat we listen to da openin theme song as wel. . Lolz. . Newayz, dis song rox!!

  20. hahaha, , , luv this song, , , sad, , ,
    not a big fan of the story , , , but luv the song!!!

  21. OMG!!i luv tis song soooo much man…every day i heard tis song…DAMN!!soo nice

  22. i love the song!it’s ROCK! i love it…………………………………………………… ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  23. awesome song!!!! stuck in my head 24/7
    took 2 HOURS to search for this song n 5 mins to download it ^-^,

  24. i really love this song its my favorite

  25. How come Paradise Kiss is rated 18?
    Urgh. Just when I started really watching it… it HAD to end.

  26. Tomoko-chan [Tommy february6] is SOOOOOO KAWAII!!! Especially in the vid of the song!!

  27. Thanks Atashi for uploading this song. I hope that Atashi can uploading more songs on this website. Gambate!!! Have a nice day. ^^

  28. I loooooooooove! with all my heart this song (L).(L)

  29. OMFG~! I love you! I took me couple hours to find this song! Thanks so much m(_ _)m
    I’ve fallen in love with it after watching ParaKiss, this song siuts this anime very well ^^

  30. Wow! I watch this anime first time in Animax nand immediatly fell in love with this!I love the song, It’s awesome!
    Can’t get its music out of my head!!!!!!

  31. parakiss is cool

    thx but how 2 get the song on d com

  32. Thanks… I was looking for this… but… T.T where’s the ending?… XDDDD… sorry… sayonara…

  33. This is great. It’s just what I was looking for. Thanks for your hard work in the translating and romanizing.

  34. hei…I really love this song…. I just wondering what is the name of the ending song…where can I get it?

  35. really ….relly luv this song..thanx

  36. I’ve got this information from yahoo….
    Yukiro breaks up with George- George travels to some other country to design clothes and the cross dresser goes with him. The girl dates around with random guys and goes into acting… And finally, she ends up going out with the guy who she liked first -Hiro- the one she took a picture of in her high school. The two eventually get married and the series ends with the girl thinking about George and how she may be wearing some of the clothes he designed and about her old lover who she finally got together with. =]
    Maybe I’m too late..didn’t I..’cause I watch the much time..and ..I still love it!!

  37. what an addictive song. good to move to. good lyrics. awesome anime attached to it too ^_^

  38. wow!!i juz know that it ended up like that..i like PK so much…watch it at Animax, but juz a few ep…i LOVE the song soooo much n the anime too..thanks for telling us about the info..appreciate much^^

  39. i cant download thid song!!!!help me……..i love this song soooooo much………..please me…i cant download my favourite song!!!!

  40. i reckon this song is friggin awesome!!!!!!!!! SOO KAWAII!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVE WIT GEORGE FRM PARADISE KISS TOO!!!!!!! i have dis song too..hee hee hee LUCKY LUCKY.

  41. Hey no fair! i didn’t watch the anime.Never realize it was an nice series but just when i realize it was an interesting series it ended JUST SO IN LOVE WITH GEORGE.

  42. danie'lle wong

    why did the series end so fast

  43. chloe' wong-paradise kiss fan

    why did the series end like that so sad .. very romantic series….I LOVE IT!!!

  44. this song is so cool!!!! also this site!;*)

  45. i think there’s a typo on the lyrics… gozen oji should be gozen reiji i just listened to the song hehe;*)

  46. Thank you so much for uploading this!!

  47. a nice theme song for a nice anime…

  48. cool song! tommy february rocks

  49. nutz! couldn’t even download the paradise kiss song! i went to so many websites but could only find its lyrics! i’m going crazy now…

  50. i love this song 🙂 and paradise kiss it’s so good, one of my favorites animes. about the song, if you have ARES you can donwload it 😀

  51. wow. thank you very much!
    you even wrote the lyrics in both english and japanese! appreciate your effort alot. thanks

  52. This song describes romance the best way I’ve ever heard ❤

  53. where can i download some anime songs like hey! say!

  54. Go check under the Downloads tab near the top of the page.

  55. ahhh thanx for uploading. luv this song :)))

  56. love this song so much…
    esp the “i’m breaking my heart” part…
    love the fact that it’s not “you’re breaking my heart” ’cause… no one can really break your heart… except you…

  57. i saw the lyrics for this song so many time im so pleased to see the right one this time

  58. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya
    Thank you so much
    i win many competition by singing this song.

  59. Thank you so much Mr or Miss……….. whatever thank you

  60. really really lovin it…. the 1st times i heard it tried so hard to download this song….
    TQ TQ TQ so much (> <)

  61. jewerly_paradise

    I love this song so much !! Arigato!!

  62. ahhhh

    (this is wayyyy after you originally posted)

    but is there any way you can reupload? it expired.

    I just started watching the anime and i LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!

  63. *puts a MP3 in head and repeats this song*

  64. The download link is broken/expired.

  65. I LOVE this song (and manga and anime Paradise kiss )…does anybody know ehere i can download it cuz this download link is broken …thanks for the lyrics
    ARIGATOO GOZAIMASU (hope i wrote it right :D)

  66. I love love this song a beautifull song!!! yes

  67. besh song eva!!!!!!!!!lovf it!!

  68. download doesn’t work x____x

  69. i loves this song too is very beutiful

  70. slesha tuladhar

    Wow! I really love this song. Thanks for the lyrics and the translation.

  71. i started watching this anime when i first heard this song n loved it

  72. i started watching this anime when i first heard this song i loved the anime ,the dresses and the song too beautifully composed


  74. Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great respite from the books,

  75. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds

  76. damn.. this song getting me alive..!

  77. it makes me cry!

    i miss george koizumi!

    i hope ai yazawa would make a sequel this time for george koizumi’s lovelife…

    nevertheless…i still love this song. 🙂

  78. the first time i heard this song i knew i love it too much. i knoe the japanese version by heart but wanted to thank you for the lyrics. LONELY IN GORGEOUS ROCKZ.

  79. the first time i heard this song i knew i love it too much. i know the japanese version by heart but wanted to thank you for the lyrics. LONELY IN GORGEOUS ROCKZ.

  80. Wow!! love this song like a crazy! ❤ itz so ROMANTIC!

  81. love this song makes you feel sad ;[ but it an awsome and ROMANTIC song lol ur good at making lyrics :]

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