Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Ending Theme – why, or why not

This isn’t a translation because the lyrics are originally English. I’m putting them up to match the opening theme lyrics. ^_^
The original Japanese translation of the lyrics that came with the why, or why not CD booklet is included after the translation.

why, or why not
Vocals: Oshima Hiroyuki feat. Katakiri Rekka
Lyrics: interface
Music & Sound Produce: Oshima Hiroyuki

To get my happiness I had done everything,
but had done nothing to be blamed and accused of.
The sound of footsteps became louder every day,
Then I noticed the fact there was no time.

I was a believer in life to be myself always,
and was asking whether I would be alive.

Give me a reason why not to adopt in this way,
or judge me to be guilty of so many incurable sins.
Tell me why, or why not. Complaining way too much,
maybe I overlooked something fatal for me.

The whole world was at a complete standstill,
and I was in fetters, at the mercy of the mob.
The silent warning became louder every day.
Then I kept pretending not to hear.

Its meaning had been in the eyes of beholder all along.
It had grown dark before I found a sign.

“Among the nonsense tragedies, what on earth you are looking for?
You only have to be honest to yourself and your own fate.”
Tell me why, or why not. Complaining way too much,
maybe I overlooked something fatal for me.

There is nobody who knows there will be nobody.
Except for me, all the world has gone mad.

So what is forgiveness you are willing to withhold?
What is the well-being you are willing to make?
Now what? So what? Don’t you come interrupt me, oh please,
while I am interrupting myself.

why, or why not
大嶋啓之 feat. 片霧烈火
Lyrics: interface
Music & Sound Produce: 大嶋啓之









16 responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Ending Theme – why, or why not

  1. i really love the song! 😀 can you email it to me (the cd lyrics)? thankies! ^___^

  2. Sure. I’ll just put them up, too. ^_^

  3. I like very much this song but can you mail me if you found a translation and romanji of dare so kare. the second song of the single why, or why not


  4. haha..hontouni arigatou!!i love the song very much since i watched the series..but the lyrics arent clear enough for me to understand, now i understand whut its all about n this ed really reflected that endless killing world ;p

  5. Such a nice song. If only the singer’s Engrish wasn’t soooo bad!

  6. this ed theme really match the anime. a treally nice song n i really love it. ^^

  7. send me this song too


  8. Awesome song,I like her accent I don’t think it would be as good without it.

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  10. There’s also “Living Inside the Shell” from the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

  11. I love “Living Inside the Shell”!! As well the opening to GITS: SAC, “Inner Universe”, except that’s sung mostly in Russian with bits of English. So so awesome! ^^

  12. I love the song!!!
    send me this song too!!! Please!!

    Thank you!!!

  13. Great song, thank you for lyrics!

  14. Very good songs… I love this song…

  15. If its not a problem could you send this to me thanks

  16. This is my favorite song! Thank you for the lyrics!

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