Rozen Maiden träumend Opening Theme – Seishoujo Ryouiki

The romaji is included after the translation.

The Domain of Holy Girls

Please don’t say
Those cursed words yet
“Love” is light like feathers
With a tenor that is kinder than papa
If you’re ready to rob

More fragrantly than
The dream which I have and is buried in
Millions of beds of roses, I am alive

What to do? In this world
That ugly things overran
Can I go and fly unblemished?

Alone in the cocoon
Even if I continued to learn
The crystal starry sky
Is too far away

Please don’t let your trembling fingertips
Touch me yet
A flower-stealer’s sweet hesitation
You may touch me
If you’re confident
That you will reach to the depths of my profound chest

Isn’t there a reason to believe in
My prince on a white horse?

The purity adorned by
A cracked glass case is
The dying heart of angels

When I awake again tomorrow
I’ll be Briar Rose with a sleepless soul
Who knows the time of centuries

A crown that cuts into me
In a droplet of blood
Ahh, now I realize
The truth

Please don’t go yet
With the form of the moonlight
I seem to have noticed my mistakes
I want to be surrounded by
And destroy the tranquil warmth; am I
A sinful girl?

I don’t even understand the meaning
Of my tears that are softly spilling

Please don’t say
Those cursed words anymore
“Love” is heavy like chains
With a tenor that is kinder than papa
If you can be ready for anything

Come then
Vow with your trembling lips
The heartbeats of a hunter who plucks nectar
You may kidnap me
If you have the courage to shoot
Through the nadir of my profound chest

Please make it so that if I caught you
I wouldn’t ever let you escape

Seishoujo Ryouiki

Mada iwanaide
Jumonmeita sono kotoba
“Ai” nante hane no you ni karui
Papa yori yasashii tenooru de
Ubau kakugo ga aru no naraba

Hyakuman no bara no beddo ni
Umore miru yume yori mo
Kaguwashiku watashi wa ikiteru no

Dou sureba minikui mono ga
Habikotta kono sekai
Kegarezu ni habataite yukeru no ka

Hitori mayu no naka
Manabitsuzukete mo
Suishou no hoshizora wa
Toosugiru no

Mada furenaide
Sono furueru yubisaki wa
Hananusubito no amai tamerai
Furete mo ii
Kono fukai mune no oku ni made
Todoku jishin ga aru no naraba

Hakuba no oujisama nante
Shinjiteru wake ja nai

Bibiwareta garasu keesu ni
Kazarareta junketsu wa
Horobiyuku tenshi-tachi no shinzou

Mata asu mo mezameru tabi ni
Hyakunen no toki o shiru
Nemurenai tamashii no ibarahime

Kuikomu kanmuri
Hitoshizuku no chi ni
Aa ima ga shinjitsu to
Omoishiru no

Mada ikanaide
Tsukiakari no keitai de
Ayamachi ni kizuite shimaisou
Yasuraka na nukumori ni dakare
Kowaretai watashi wa
Tsumi no ko na no deshou ka

Sotto koborete kuru
Namida no imi sae wakaranai

Mou iwanaide
Jumonmeita sono kotoba
“Ai” nante kusari no you ni omoi
Papa yori yasashii tenooru de
Donna kakugo mo dekiru naraba

Saa chikatte yo
Sono furueru kuchibiru de
Mitsu o tsumu karyuudo no tokimeki
Saratte ii
Kono fukai mune no okusoko o
Inuku yuuki ga aru no naraba

Anata   tsukamaetara
Keshite nigasanai you ni shite

17 responses to “Rozen Maiden träumend Opening Theme – Seishoujo Ryouiki

  1. i love this song!

    thanks 4 submit the lyrics

    i love u!

  2. *~~*Mana_Sama*~~*

    this is so beautifulll!! I love it!!!!

  3. Awesome! Rozen Maiden songs are love *heart* ALI PROJECT wins my love too, though it’s very hard to keep up with them.

    btw Kiya, from what I can tell, those seem like the lyrics used in the fansubs of the tv size version of the opening (though I could be wrong). If it is, then fansubs aren’t 100% accurate, since a lot of it is done by ear. And people translate things differently too. Ifi t’s not from the fansubs, then disregard what I said :P. I don’t remember them well, but I do remember parts of the translations from them (especially the last line), and it made me suspicious you’d only correct what was in the fansub. 😛

  4. grazzie i was looking for this lyric.

  5. Your translate are wrong

  6. no its not

  7. “Isn’t there a reason to believe in
    My prince on a white horse?” I could be wrong here but wouldn’t the “wake ja nai” in this case refer to not believing in rather than questioning as to find a reason to believe in? Also the song uses “akuba” the term for a wild or unmanageable horse further giving a negative impression rather than that of desperation.

  8. thanks so much for translating ^_^

    do anyone know where I can find the notes?

  9. I think you are the best at translating lyrics ! Can I use you lyrics on ?

  10. Andrea from Holland


    Rozen Maiden Rules ❤
    I’ve seen the 2 seasons, but is there already season 3 ??

    greets I Love This song…

  11. I really really love this song… Aishiteru Seishoujo Ryouiki!!!! I rally Love You!!!
    _-_-_Camille Marollano-_-_-

  12. Wonderfull song! Thanks for the lyrics

  13. thx you for the translating

  14. Thank you lyrics! Now to listen to this on my i pod because they have only this one on i tunes!

  15. its just me or the translation is kinda wierd

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