Naruto 5th Opening Theme – Seishun Kyousoukyoku

Maniac Concerto of Youth
Vocals: Sambomaster

Connecting the dried up words
Nevertheless, we just want to convey our simple thoughts
The blowing and darkened wind on that day
Threw away into yesterday’s ruins
I’ll laugh with you; I’ll live the present

Nevertheless, that event distresses you, right?
So that’s why it is goodbye

While like this, I’ll just share with you without leaving behind anything
Before long, we’ll realize that it’s everything
Sadness travels down our cheeks and merely becomes a river of tears
Our wavering thoughts will turn into strong whirlpools and melt together

Irritations and a bit of loneliness
What in the world are they to us?
Now we’re not in a drama
“Hey, how is it?”
Even if we turned back toward that voice, there wouldn’t be anyone, right?
So that’s why we’ll shout loudly

Nevertheless, our voice won’t reach any place, right?
So that’s why it is goodbye

And then time flows again, and I’ll just share with you
Before long, we’ll realize that it’s everything
Sadness travels down our cheeks and merely becomes an one-lined poem
Our wavering thoughts will turn into strong whirlpools and melt together

The blowing and darkened wind on that day
Threw away into yesterday’s ruins, Oh Yeah

While like this, I’ll just share with you without leaving behind anything
Before long, we’ll realize that it’s everything
Sadness travels down our cheeks and merely becomes a river of tears
And then we’ll become the pale sea and melt together


42 responses to “Naruto 5th Opening Theme – Seishun Kyousoukyoku

  1. Hi I geuss I’m ur 1st comment for Naruto^^ this is so cool all these songs I finally know what their saying in Naruto so thanks:)

  2. ooooh!!! so thats what it means… kewl. thankies.

  3. Yeah its a good song but I don’t think its translated into American slang

  4. Hi…..this might a little long because I have this thing with proper grammar….Well I have to admitt it is kind of cool to know that thats the real words in english but I was actually looking for the japanese lyrics and besides theres the english lyrics at the bottom of the screen during the opening so theres no point to this part of the website…..
    I just tried because my e-mail adress usually doesn’t work for any thing…….but who ever’s reading this then I suggest that they go here more often because this website officialy rocks from this day forward…..
    bye bye!!! :> )

  5. Kevin (feb 28, 2007) your a baka BAAKA everyone knows that the words are there b/c Dattebayo (or whoever subbed the anime) placed them tehre just like the subtitles. they werent originally there.. bakka bakaa.

  6. @ Kevin:
    Firstly : you shouldn’t go around calling people “baka” .. as if you are a master in the japanese language .. XD

    Secondly: why the hell are you so pissed off! .. the owner of this site “DID NOT” mention that she is the one who wrote those lyrics .. and how the hell did you know that she is not the one who translated them ..

    maybe she is smarter than you and knows more than “BAKA” in japanese XD

    Thirdly : finally if you don’t like it .. you can express your opinion without insulting people .. and that is what we call “civilized disagreement”

    A whisper to the owner of this site:
    Pardon me .. I happen to be looking for some lyrics and found your site .. thus i’m not a regular visitor ..
    however ..
    I would like to thank you for posting those lyrics here .. and thank you for you efforts and time …
    incase you were the own who translated those lyrics .. then I really appreciate it .. thank you my princess ..

    if you happened to be getting those lyrics from somewhere..I would recommend that you mention the source and credit them properly .. and you also will have my appreciation ..

  7. i think you should also put some in japanese. i already memorized haruka kanata and fighting dreamers. ask for help if you decide to do it

  8. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been looking for the translated version of this song for quite a while but couldn’t find it, so thanks again! 🐱 Oh, and also for those of you that are looking for the origional, untranslated version, you can just look it up on Google and it’ll be practically the first thing there. ^-^

    Oh, and this doesn’t really have to do with much of anything, but this is my reply to Kevin:
    Ok… what is your modivation for going around and calling people *who appear to be much smarter than you* idiots? Just because HALF of the song is translated in the opening to “Naruto” doesn’t mean someone else can’t translate it! If it’s so “terrible” then why are you looking at it!? I doubt you just woke up one day and got on the internet and it suddenly showed this page! Besides, the opening to “Naruto” is only about 1 minuet and 30 seconds long… the full song is about 4 minuets and 45 senconds long. (Most of this time difference doen’t have words to it, though.) That means that the “Naruto” version only translates half of the song… at BEST! Honestly, get a life before you go saying stuff like that… and learn a word in Japanese besides “Baka.”

    Thanks again for the translation, though! I love this song! XD

  9. lol…. firstly . blah blah blah.

  10. I’ve just found your site (that’s why I’m this late, baka me!) and finally found the full translation of this lyrics. I’ve been struggling with this one actually. Since I don’t take proper/formal Japanese courses, I was rather stuck at a point.

    Anyway, it’s a cool one.

  11. @Rein and mayara

    You didn’t really mean to reply to that Kevin, did you? Did you mean Andy?

    Because Andy was replying to Kevin, and Kevin didn’t call anyone an idiot at all.

  12. DO you have japanese lyrics of these songs?

  13. yo dese are sum wacky lyrics

  14. are dese for episodes from atleast 107-12O

  15. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been looking for the translation everywhere.

  16. I was really hoping to find the japanese lyrics because i hoping to sing along.=) So next time try to put them in japanese. thenk you!=0

  17. srry abuuot the grammar problems in my last response, but pls give the otiginal person who translated it some credit, but if not good job!

    • hajimemashite, watakushi wa saber da, atashi san, doumo arigatou na 4 da lyrics, kono uta ga daisuki, full with memories, juzt forget ano bakka hito, kevin, tch, you rocks!

  18. Wow, thx for translating the song. I really love this song. 😀

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  20. O.O thanks a lot!!!!! now can I ask you a favor? can you put oteh traslatios from Naruto?

  21. Thx for the lyrics. I just love that song!

  22. Whoa. Although he posted that last year, I’d really like to whack Andy for calling that kid Brian a baka as if he knows Japanese and wants to look cool. Anyone whose seen Sakura and Naruto together and talking [ahem, fighting] would know what baka means. *Recalls many times that Sakura has called Naruto one*. Anyway, enough of last years idiocy, I’ve been looking for the translated lyrics of this forever! I wish there were a bit more lyrics pages for Naruto, but judging from the amount of song translations/lyrics on here, I can understand why not. Great job! xD

  23. ……Drama

  24. I think your lyrics are just fine. 🙂 I don’t actually know a lot more Japanese than maybe five words, but I don’t really see any huge problems in the lyrics. I think the fact that you even have lyrics for it is awesome. Keep it up!

  25. sasuke kill itachi, sasuke want destoy konoha??

  26. yow…konbanwa minna san!!!!
    tenk yu!!!hehehe nahanap k rin ang hinahanap kng kyrcs…ei you dont have to argue…hahahahay
    if u want jpop/anime jap lyrics just visit this….hmmmm
    good to be here…its a good thing marami p rin ang mga otaku pgdating s anime en jap language…although d lahat ngkakasndo…
    ja matane!!!kiotsukete minna!!!
    orewa lian desu!!!

  27. where I can get newest chapter of naruto manga?

  28. nice song ! xD i’ve been looking it everywere

    thx i lov this song xD

  29. this song is truly amazing. The lyrics mean so much
    And feels like a lot although when listening to it
    I can’t understand them. 🙂 I appreciate the lyrics
    The make the song all the more better. 🙂

  30. Wow, thx for translating the song!!! i love this song very much

  31. don’t listen to kevin english translatoin very good :]

  32. Thank you very much for uploading the translations! And for whoever was calling you an idiot, you can of course take a proper course on Japanese and learn the proper spelling of “baka” and maybe learn some other words. Mostly because until you do, you make yourself look very foolish. And I doubt you want to look foolish.

  33. wow i soo love this song!! it matches season 5 perfectly and good song for sasuke leaving the village and his friends!! I hate and like sasuke at the same time, but oh god, not like-like, no, just no. He’s pretty cool and he’s awesome but sometimes he can be a jerk. But I still love this character and I love the show Naruto! you gotta love Naruto! And Naruto Shippuuden!!

  34. hell, yeah.

    and I just learn japanese language, its really safe me

  35. Where’s the japanese version? I’m looking for it right now…^_^

  36. Is there a Japanese version of this song. I am just used to hearing Naruto in Japanese. But this is cool, of course.

  37. Thank you very much for this translation. Seishun Kyousoukyoku perfectly expresses my feelings towards an ex-girlfriend of mine; we broke up after sharing some excruciating experiences together. We just got back in touch, and told me that she had been afraid that I hated her for what happened (I could never hate her)… thanks to you, I can send this to her in an effort to express my feelings.

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