Final Fantasy XII Theme – Kiss Me Good-Bye

Kiss Me Good-Bye
Vocals: Angela Aki

Even if you are lost
The door is open
Aren’t you satisfied
Just with a world for us two?

Because I’ll give you wings, you should believe and fly

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory
Because even if I lose you
My beloved memories will turn into strength

Searching for definite things
Everyone falls in love

An unwavering love exists inside of me

Kiss me good-bye, farewell
I’ll turn into a new me

Kiss me good-bye
Kiss me good-bye

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory
If we turn into two new people

Kiss me good-bye, I won’t cry
Because I was able to love you
Because I was able to love you

Kiss Me Good-Bye
歌: Angela Aki



Kiss me good-bye, love is memory



Kiss me good-byeさようなら

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory

Kiss me good-bye泣かない

9 responses to “Final Fantasy XII Theme – Kiss Me Good-Bye

  1. which final fantasy is this from?

  2. ff12 dont yew know yaw roman numerals? XII

    its the newest one out FYI

  3. i love this song. I wish i knew that japanese lyrics though. I don’t have ffXII yet, but i heard it wasn’t very good. but i still love this song!

  4. I haven’t heard the song yet (X.X still need to finish the game) but I’ve heard good things about it. X3 I love the game, though, and if anyone says it’s bad they’re nuts. True, not as awesome as the older FFs, but worth a try.

    • atashi wa saiko da yo

      ffxii sucked…vaan was too much of an idiot to really make the game good. granted, the game was fun, i beat it in a week, but it wasn’t worth buying it special edition the day it came out.. the game would’ve been waaay better if Balthier had ditched Vaan and Penelo back in Rabanastre in the beginning and the game continued with him as the main character.. Vaan just added his two cents [which, by the by, wasn’t even worth that haha] in the middle of important conversations. Vaan should just leap the precipice..Balthier FTW! so, call me ‘nuts’ but i think the game was bad [fun, but bad]. Squenix was lacking on this one..Nomura wasn’t there..

      anyway, sorry to rag on Rwyter, but as a game designer [one with much respect for the ff series] i thought i had to add my two cents [even though it may not be worth that to you haha] and don’t worry, i do it to everyone :] so feel free to keep loving it!

      anyway, the song is great! i liked the japn version waay better though, then again, i think think that with everything except japn dub overs, haha.

  5. FF is really cool.. but I haven’t hear that song. Eyes on you from FF VII (or VIII?) still the best 😀

  6. No Anime Fan….Kiss me Good-Bye is way way way way way better than the past FF vocals…Kimiga Iru Kara doesn’t stand a chance to this GREAT masterpiece…

    Angela Aki’s voice especially when she hits those suspended high notes….gave me GOOSEBUMP!!!!…AWESOME!!!and i’ve been listening this song since it was released…

    FFXII is GREAT!!!…I’m a HUGE FAN of ANGELA AKI, FFXII, FF and Vocal THEME hahahahaha…just consider the weak vocal those vocalists gave…Angela Aki is way x1000 better…she is better than the best that is better than the best…TAKE THAT!!! xDDDD

    • TRUE!!! completely agree with you! =DDDD…i couldn’t be happier….Big fan of Angie as well =DDD

      Thank you!!~

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