Ouran High School Host Club Soundtra & Chara Song Collection 《Part 2》 – Bokura no Love Style

Our Love Style
Vocals: Hitachiin Hikaru & Hitachiin Kaoru

In front of where you’re looking, I chatter with other girls, Oh No, No, No
I want you to show jealousy on purpose, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please, as for love, My darling Please, if there’s some
Obstacle, then it burns up even more

That is our Love Style, a Love Style in the shape of love
I need you, I want you, Forever
This is our Love Style, a Love Style that goes to any length
You are mine, I’m yours, Forever Only you, love you

Did I overdo it somewhat? Did I actually make you mad? Oh No, No, No
Because I’ll embrace you, let’s reconcile, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please, our bond, My darling Please, is something
So strong and deep that it overcomes worries

That is our Love Style, a Love Style that pushes forward
I need you, I want you, Forever
This is our Love Style, a Love Style that lasts to whenever
You are mine, I’m yours, Forever Only you, love you

Bokura no Love Style
Vocals: Hitachiin Hikaru & Kaoru

Kimi no miteru me no mae Hoka no ko to no oshaberi Oh No, No, No
Waza to misetsukeru no wa Shite hoshikute yakimochi Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please Ai ni wa My darling Please Sukoshi no
Shougai aru to motto Moeagaru mono

Sore ga bokura no Love Style Ai no katachi sa Love Style
I need you, I want you, Forever
Kore ga 2tari no Love Style Doko made datte Love Style
You are mine, I’m yours, Forever Only you, love you

Sukoshi yarisugita ka na? Maji de okoraseta ka na? Oh No, No, No
Dakishimete ageru kara Nakanaori o shiyou yo Oh Yes, Yes, Yes

My darling Please Kizuna wa My darling Please Fuan o
Norikoete koso tsuyoku Fukaku naru mono

Sore ga bokura no Love Style Tsukisusumu no sa Love Style
I need you, I want you, Forever
Kore ga 2tari no Love Style Itsu made datte Love Style
You are mine, I’m yours, Forever Only you, love you

57 responses to “Ouran High School Host Club Soundtra & Chara Song Collection 《Part 2》 – Bokura no Love Style

  1. I love this song. Oo Thank you very much for this translation!

  2. the song i like most from ouran at the moment >

  3. X3 I absolutely ADORE the twins! DAISUKE~~~

  4. Hi,thanks for the translation, could you please, put the romaji?

  5. Sure. They’re up now.

  6. yay! hikaru and kaoru! they’re my favorite hosts (besides kyoya). their singing voices are awesome!

  7. Thank you for the translation! I love this song and had always wondered what they were saying~ -Huggles translators- I wuveth thee!

  8. YAY! Hikaru and Kaoru’s song!!! Thank you so much for the lyrics!

  9. mor moenesz!!! i cant take diz anymor!!! kyaa, bishiez ovaload!!! hehe! hikaru, kaoru…how about changing ur love style a lil bit n include me 2??? pl2 pretty plz??? haha!

  10. Who sings first? Hikaru or Kaoru?

    Great song…cant stop listening to it!!

  11. gaaa~ oh yes yes yes~

  12. Im pretty sure Kaoru sings first, since he has a softer voice. :]

    • It’s actually Hikaru who sings first if you didn’t figure that out already… I was a bit confused at first, but if you listen to the Japanese anime voices it becomes obvious…

  13. The playcount of this song on my iPod is 257! I just can’t get enough of this song! I love it! Thanks for posting the lyrics! ~huggles~

  14. Hikaru sings first. If you see the lyrics..in the second verse it is Kaoru who sings…it matches him..and Kaoru has a softer voice than Hikaru..

  15. Beloved_Hikaru_love

    the song is cute and no. Hikaru sings first. I know is voice really well. Kaoru sings next. Jeez you guys, can’t even tell the difference between their voices. Sheesh. and yea, hikaru sings first just to let ya know.

  16. hikaru definatly talks first cuz kaoru has a different voice(stranger…T_T)sheesh it sounds like him to….if you like them you should no…lol


  17. I friggen’ luv this song! Hikaru and Kaoru are just awesome. their singing voices are so great! SUGOI! i like this song almost as much as tamaki’s, but character-wise, i think it’s obvious who my favorite is. ^-^ (check the name)

    I love this song but I could never follow. then I found YOU, YAY, now I can sing along cuz I have the lyrics.YAY…*glomps*

  19. Who voices Kaoru and Hikaru…-_-?


  21. SEIYUUS!!!!!!!!!!!! n____n

    Hitachiin Hikaru = Suzumura Kenichi

    Hitachiin Kaoru = Fujita Yoshinori

  22. How do you download it? o.o

  23. gosh!! from what episode did hikaru and kaoru sang this?! i haven’t finished ouran yet.. 😦
    ooohh.. i hope i could see this sooon!!!
    im sooo surpised! they’re really good in singing!

  24. wooow! this song is the best!

  25. I love this song!!! I

  26. The download is expired.

  27. Sorry to disappoint you…Michiko-san. But no one sings in the Anime nor in the Manga. It’s just a song from the OST.

    Hikaru sings first…somehow I was kind of off at first, but I love them too much. Of course I’ll know who sings.

    Although Kaoru has a gentler voice than Hikaru, when he sings his voice tend to get deeper. Ahaha! Whatever i love him all the same! ♥Hitachiin Kaoru♥ is MINE! Anyone take Hikaru-nii, but lay-off with Kaoru, cause he’s MINE♥! XD

    I like Hikaru’s singing voice better. But I love Kaoru’s voice more when they aren’t singing. (although Kao-chan’s singing voice is also amazing!♥)

  28. OH MY GODDD this is possibly the best song i’ve ever heard in the entire world. the twins are so cute i love them >_

  29. Awwwwww. 🙂 Their singing voices are so cute! ❤ I wish i had a twin sister so we could sing this (and bring twice the evil into the world) My friends and I don’t sing together, mostly because the ones who CAN sing hate anime.

    (I like Kaoru, but Hikaru is slightly more fun. 😉 I still want a plushie of both to hug. This is the most fangirl I have been in ages! )


  31. Thanks)))Such cute twins can sing only such great songs)))) THANK YOU)))))

  32. Thanks very much! Uwaaa~ SuzuKen’s singing voice is just adorable~ ♥

  33. I’ll take Hikaru ❤ kyaa, he so mine type xD
    Of course Hikaru sing first xD ^0^

  34. Kaoru’s seiyuu’s singing makes me deeply, deeply happy inside. I like Hikaru’s, too, but Kaoru’s has that little vibrato at the end of his lines that makes me want to glomp him. Severely.

  35. I love both of them; Hikaru and Kaoru!! THis song isn’t really my type but I love it because I love the Hitachiins!! ^_^

  36. THanks so much for this tranlation! I’ve been looking for it for so long!

  37. The download link is expired for sendspace. XD

  38. NOO!!! The link expired.

  39. It says that you need to upload it again? Noooooo! T_T

  40. It says the download cannot be found.

  41. Ah, the link doesn’t work ;_;

  42. Aw, the link doesn’t work! Upload again, please? ;~~;

  43. Ermm…
    The song link uploaded at Sendspace is expired…
    Please upload it again…

  44. Yeaah, pls pls pls reupload the link!
    I’m dying to listen to them sing.
    I love them both.
    Thanks so much for all the other songsss!
    They are AWESOME.

  45. The link expired.

  46. I can’t download the song. It says the link expired. Anyways, love the twins!!!! Love you too!!! For posting the lyrics and all, I mean.

  47. omg please re upload again!!!! thank you for the songs!!!

  48. Go Hitachiin twins!! Very nice 😀

  49. kyaaaaa!i totally LURRVED this song.ESPECIALLY to the awesomeness HITACHIIN TWINS.they’re soooo ADORABLE TOGETHER.in the anime & in the singin. :DDDDDD

    but i liked KAORU more and i dunno why.but its their brotherly love that makes them SUPER CUTE. :))) i just hope they have more episodes and more SONGS. T______T

  50. I looooooovvveee this song 🙂 Hikaru and Kaoru are my favorite in the entire series! (Hunny too :3) I wub them, they are soo awesome. Hikaru is mine! :))))))))

  51. thats my song i sang it all the time

  52. i luv dis song as much as i luv da characters

  53. What is that “Brotherly love” about anyways? Is it an act? PLEASE tell me it’s an act!!!

  54. kaoru is AWSOME,cute ^_^


  56. I forgot What Episode it was?

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