Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 3rd Ending Theme – Rakuen

Vocals: CAVE
Lyrics: RUMIKO
Composition: SHOJI
Arrangement: SHOJI

The sun that never sets will rise endlessly
Can’t you stop it with the “dreams are just dreams” stuff?
“Please don’t throw it away so easily;” the bud has started to bloom
In your barely opened hands, there’s a…”secret paradise”

There’s a straight railroad and a treacherous route
Whether you’ll go on them or not, it’s all of yourself
I’m already tired of with counting on my fingers inside the cage

Respect! Boys, Show me your bluffs, even if you’re clumsy, draw a map
and let’s walk without stopping

The sun will never set, so turn the impossible into the possible
I won’t talk about pipe dreams
“Please don’t bury it alive;” your desire is germinating
Lurking deep in the sprout is a…”secret paradise”

There’s an uplifting beat and a rusted rhythm
Whether you’ll let them live or kill them, it’s all your freedom
I’m already tired of with licking clean the candy that I got

Respect! Girls, guard your fears; you don’t need to feign smiles anymore
So let’s smile untainted

If the sun that never sets can be more like you
Turn the imprisoned into the free and overcome common sense
“I want to believe in myself;” you have gotten lost on the road
But hiding in your heart is a…”secret paradise”

“How long are you going to have that endless dream?” How far will you go unchallenged…?
young voice never give up, more than what God thinks
Miracles will continue more and more, right…?

Vocals: CAVE

Shizumanai taiyou   doko made mo noboru no sa   “yume wa yume” nante owarasenai deshou
“Kantan ni sutenaideyou” sakihajimeta tsubomi o   hirakikaketa te ni wa……”himitsu no rakuen”

Massugu na reeru to kewashii ruuto   iku ikanai mo   all of yourself
Kago no naka de yubiori kazoe wa mou akita n desu

Respect! Boys   tsuyogari   show me   bukiyou de mo chizu egaite   soshite tachidomarazu arukimashou

Shizumanai taiyou   fukanou o kanou ni shite   yumemonogatari wa katari wa shinai
“Ikiume ni shinaideyou” me o dashiteru yokubou   me no oku ni hisomu……”himitsu no rakuen”

Choushi ii biito to sabita rizumu   ikasu mo korosu mo   all of your freedom
Moratta kyandii o nametsukiyuku wa mou akita n desu

Respect! Girls   kowagari guard aisowarai wa mou iranai   dakara dokusarezu ni waraimashou

Shizumanai taiyou   kimi no you ni naretara   fujiyuu o jiyuu ni joushiki o koete
“Jibun o shinjitaiyou” michi mayou koto aru kedo   mune ni kakushiteru……”himitsu no rakuen”

“Kimi wa itsu made owarinaki yume o miru?” Doko made makaritooru…
young voice never give up   kami ga kangaeru yori more and more   kiseki wa tsuzuku deshou…

One response to “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 3rd Ending Theme – Rakuen

  1. putrafranklin

    awesome song anime..:)

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