X (X/1999) OVA Theme – Strength

Vocals: Koizumi Kohei
Lyrics: Koizumi Kohei
Composition: Koizumi Kohei
Arrangement: Koizumi Kohei & Sato Naoki

In the world of sad dreams, there’s no one who I love
If I can’t even stop living, then what should I do…?

I loved and lost everything; nevertheless, I still searched for them
The beauty of continuing to protect- That was just an illusion

Unable to even protect your strength and kindness, it is simply painful
If everyone was born unable to defy his or her fate
Hey, then tell me, the meaning of tears…

The promises from those days won’t be fulfilled
But then why did I think that I’m just a bit happy?

No matter how the painful past rejected my path
I can see a faint light; I’m sure that it’s not an illusion

If it’s your strength and kindness, then my true thoughts just might be able to protect them…
People’s hearts are changeable things; I want to try to believe so for living tomorrow
Don’t cry anymore, because I’m here…

For now, only the worrisome future throws our hearts astray
But because people’s hearts can change, I won’t give up the precious things anymore

If it’s your strength and kindness…
Because people’s hearts can change…
We can live on without getting lost anymore
Don’t cry anymore, now let’s start walking

2 responses to “X (X/1999) OVA Theme – Strength

  1. Hola esta muy linda la letra!
    gracias x subirla
    ahorita estoy haciendo una adaptacion para un fandub en español,
    y me fue de mucha ayuda n_n

    Shuichi xD

  2. [Hồng]
    Thank you for the post. ^ ^
    Finally understand what “Strength” is about.

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