Fullmetal Alchemist Insert Theme – Bratja

These lyrics were translated by Ellen-sama. ^_^ Thank you! I don’t know a lick of Russian…

To clear a few things up, these lyrics are a translation of the original Russian lyrics, not a dubbed version. By no means should you be able to feasibly sing them along with the original song.

Chorus: VERA
Lyrics: Seiji Mizushima, Tatiana Naumova
Composition: Michiru Oshima

Forgive me, younger brother!
I am so guilty before you.
It is forbidden to try to regain
That which the land has taken.

He who knows the Law of Genesis,
Would have helped me to find the answer.
I was cruelly mistaken:
There is no medicine against death.

Dear mama! How tender!
We so loved you.
But all our strength
Was for naught.

I tempted you
With wonderful hope
To regain our family hearth.
My brother, I am guilty in everything.

Don’t cry, don’t be saddened, older brother!
You are not the guilty one.
We have but one road,
We will atone for this guilt ’til the end.

I don’t accuse you of anything.
And I am not offended in the least.
A burden, our sin
Of wanting to be stronger in everything.

Dear mama! How tender!
We so loved you.
But all our strength
Was for naught.

I myself was tempted
With wonderful hope
To regain our family hearth.
I myself am guilty in everything.

But what are we to do, how to be?
How to repair everything, how to forget?
It is forbidden to try to regain,
That which the land has taken.

28 responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist Insert Theme – Bratja

  1. That’s not how the song goes

  2. This is a translation of the originally Russian lyrics.

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  4. Dude, that’s SO not right… I can’t even sing it with the tune!

  5. I reiterate, this is a translation of the originally Russian lyrics, not a dub.

  6. That is translated into english… of course you cant sing it with the song…
    That is the place for the english lyrics, sing those with the tune. You can find the song http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=145389936
    Its a myspace profile but that is the english version, sang just by the guy who did Ed’s english voice.

  7. yeah. the guy who sang the english version is Vic Mignogna, the english dub for Ed.

    so of course, this translation is what is was depicted from the original score. people can find english versions in many places so that you can sing the words in it’s own beats.

  8. Okay for people wondering what the actual lyrics are, here you go. Vic was never supposed to do an original dubbed version, but he did for fun and it leaked out (and we’re all very glad they did!)

    how can I repay you brother mine?
    How can I expect you to forgive?
    Clinging to the past, I shed our blood,
    and shattered your chance to live.

    Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed,
    How can I return your wasted breath?
    What I did not know has cost you dear,
    for there is no cure for death.


    Beautiful mother, soft and sweet
    once you were gone, we were not complete
    back through the years we reached for you
    a last was not meant to be

    *end chorus*

    and how can I make amends?
    For all that I took from you
    I led you with hopeless dreams
    my brother I was a fool

    *instrumental break*

    Don’t cry for the past now, brother mine
    neither you nor I are free from blame
    Nothing can erase the things we did,
    for the path we took was the same


    My dreams may be blind and mute,
    I long to return to that time,
    I followed without a word
    my brother the fault is mine

    So where do we go from here?
    And how to forget and forgive,
    what’s gone is forever lost,
    now all we can do is live.


    Those are the exact words sung by Mr. Vic Mignogna himself. Enjoy guys!

  9. Holy Crap – Vic actually sang this off-the-payroll? Where does a guy find a copy of that?

    In the meantime – holy crap – check out an awesome version of ‘Bratja’ done with the original japanese voice artists complete with scenes of FMA playing in the background. Just key “Fullmetal Alchemist Bratja” into the Youtube search engine and revel in an emo moment like I did. Wow.

  10. Also..Vic’s awesome. Most English dubs leave me kind of gasping for air, but Vic’s work on FMA probably deserves some award we haven’t even thought of yet. It’s perfect. Flawless. Like most of the other work on FMA. Plus, heh – dude bought one of those FMA pocket-watches off Ebay and went to some con or other and came across a fan with a better one than his. A trade was done on the spot, and as far as I know he still has it. The voice-artist for Roy Mustang also went off to Ebay to find himself a pair of Roy Mustang spark-it-up-large gloves, but when they arrived they were way too small to wear!

    In TV – FMA is the best dub of them all. Full stop. Eureka Seven tries really hard too – and nearly gets there – but FMA still has first place sewn up.

  11. I love that song! I’m glad I found the RIGHT lyrics to it. All the others sounded nothing like what the song said. Oh and where it says “a last” I think they say “alas”. It’s an old way of saying oh well, it wasn’t meant to be, or something like that. But thanks, I’m so glad I found them!

  12. Wow! Ellen-sama did an excellent job translating from Russian, As I listen to the song I can agree with the translation she has written. If you’ve never heard the Russain song, I recommend listening to the original version, Russian is a beautiful language!

  13. I love this song, Ive sang along with it like a million times. I just want to cry…….thanks for the right lyrics I apreciate it

  14. I agree, this song is beautiful, and I’ve seen people who don’t know a word of Russian cry when they hear it. Even more so when they’ve actually seen FMA. I haven’t heard the English version, but then, I can’t watch the dubbed version at all. I agree that it is far better than most dubs, but Ed’s Japanese voice-actor had a quality in the voice and emotion that is lost in the dub.

  15. aren’t there lyrics in the original Russian?

  16. i know Russian, and when i first watched FMA and heard the song i was A-shocked, B-overwhelmed, C-i almost cried like a baby. in Russian it’s unbelievable when you understand the language.
    but where could i find the Russian lyrics?…

  17. The Russian lyrics 🙂

    Прости меня, младший брат, я так пред тобой виноват.
    пытаться вернуть нельзя,того, что взяла земля.
    кто знает закон бытия,помог бы мне найти ответ.
    жестоко ошибся я: от смерти лекарства нет.
    милая мама! нежная!мы так любили тебя.
    но все наши силы потрачены были зря.
    тебя соблазниля.прекрасной надеждой
    вернуть наш семейный очаг.мой брат, я во всём виноват.
    не плачь, не печалься, старший брат!не ты один виноват.
    дорога у нас одна,искупим вину до дна.
    мне не в чем тебя упрекнуть.ия не обижен ничуть.
    тяжек, наш грех .хотеть быть сильнее всех.
    милая мама! нежная!мы так любили тебя.
    но все наши силы потрачены были зря.
    ясам соблазнился .прекрасной надеждой
    вернуть наш семейный очаг.ясам во всём виноват.
    но что же нам делать, как быть?как всё исправить, забыть?
    пытаться вернуть нельзя,того,что взяла земля.

  18. The words to the English version sung by Vic Mignogna were written by Tobu Ishi, aka Arijan Clark, an amateur lyricist and fan of FMA. He’s a darling wonderful man and asked me if he could use them–clearly I wasn’t going to say no, and he did an amazing job.

    For the fair record, I don’t speak a lick of Russian, though. They’re just a transliteration I wrote after reading many literal English translations on line. 🙂

  19. Could someone please post the lyrics of the song in phonetical russian, not being russian i have no clue how to read the language, or if you could post a link to a site where there are lyrics…arigatou ^.^

  20. WOW =-O I really didn’t know Vic could sing!!! I’ve got the song on my MP3 player it is very emotional and beautiful, I reckon he should get an award for it – anyone agree??? (GO VIC!!! GREAT VOICE MATE!!!!)

  21. That is the Russian translated lyrics. I think the Russian version is better then Vic’s because it’s the original and the person singing this version has a nice voice. I’m not saying Vic doesn’t have a nice voice. He does I just prefer the original.

  22. The song in phonetical russian


    Prosti menya, mladshiy brat!
    Ya tak pred toboy vinovat
    Pyitatsya vernut’ nyel’zya
    Togo, chto vzyala zyem’lya

    Kto znayet zakon byitiya
    Pomog byi mne nayti otvet
    Zhestoko oshibsya ya
    Ot smerti lekarstva nyet

    Milaya mama! Nyezhnaya!
    Myi tak lyubili tebya
    No vse nashi silyi
    Potrachenyi bilyi zrya

    Tebya soblaznil ya
    Pryekrasnoy nadyezhdoy
    Vernut’ nash semeynyiy ochag
    Moy brat, ya vo vsem vinovat

    Nye plach; nye pechal’sya, starshiy brat!
    Nye tyi odin vinovat
    Doroga u nas odna
    Iskupim vinu do dna

    Mnye nye v chem tebya upreknut’
    I ya nye obizhen nichut’
    Tyazhek, nash gryekh
    Khotet’ byit’ silneye vsekh

    Milaya mama! Nyezhnaya!
    Myi tak lyubili tebya
    No vse nashi silyi
    Potrachenyi bilyi zrya

    Ya sam soblaznilsya
    Pryekrasnoy nadyezhdoy
    Vernut’ nash semeynyiy ochag
    Ya vo vsem vinovat

    No chtozhe nam delat’, kak byit’?
    Kak vse ispravit’, zabyit’?
    Pyitat’sya vernut’ nyelzya
    Togo, chto vzyala zyemlya.

  23. who is the original composer!!!!!!! I need it for choir.

  24. I’m french and I need some help :

    On Internet I found this :

    1. A last was not meant to be
    2. Alas, twas not ment to be

    What are the true words?

    Thank you.

    P.S. : Vic’s version accidentally left out the second half of Alphonse’s verse.
    So here they are :

    How could I expect to call you wrong?
    How could you be blamed for what we’ve done?
    Both of us were fools in our desires
    As we flew too close to the sun

    (after the first verse of the *instrumental break
    and before the last *chorus)

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  26. Anni Harchenko

    I noticed one mistake in the translation. It’s not “You are not the guilty one.” The literal traslation would be “Not you alone are guilty.”

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