D.N.Angel Opening Theme – Byakuya ~True Light~

White Night ~True Light~
Vocals: Miyamoto Shunichi

Light shined enough to feel sad, turning into wings that split apart the white darkness

I was shone upon by the cold sun
There was a tamed freedom
The night of miracles was reflected in the mirror
my soul started to take off its mask

On the other side of the crumbling wall
Despair and hope bear the same face
If there’s an unfulfillable heart
It’s taking off to the prologue of the finale…

The world in which a blade-like wind blows
What are the things that I must protect?
Every time when I get to know pains one by one
I draw closer to the real me

Disappearing is the Fake Light
Born is the True Light
In my hands…

Pierce through the darkness dyeing white
And keep on carving a new era
While still with a liberated heart
Fly through the white night that continues endlessly


48 responses to “D.N.Angel Opening Theme – Byakuya ~True Light~

  1. can you send me this song in japanese as soon as possiblw

  2. can you also send me this song in japanese, please and thank you ^_^

  3. Try http://www.gendou.com/amusic
    It is available for download there.

  4. hey can you send me the full version of the lyrics please, in japenese and english

  5. I’m sure you can Google them…

  6. The song very nice to cool ^^.

  7. Hmm… interesting translation… i compared it to another one and found small diferences… I’ll better try to translate it myself to anderstand, what is the real translation of those lyrics

    ps-i’m sorry for my wrong english…

  8. I think this song fits DN angel perfectly and that its so cool, both the show and the song!!!

  9. it sounds cool in english! but i tryed singing it with the beet lol… it sounds wierd!!!

  10. I have heard this song in english… the lyrics are sung a little differently, but I like it.

  11. awwwww… cool song!! cuute siite!!
    this site is perfect!!

  12. Do any of you know where it’s downloadable?

  13. Man, I LOVE the song.

  14. This translation isn’t the right one, but anyway, I love this song.
    You can find the right lyrics here:

  15. man i love this song so can u send me both english and japanese lyrics plz thanks!

  16. Can you send me the full version of this song, but not from gendu.com because you can’t keep those songs and put them on CDs or your iPod…

  17. please send me this song :((( i am locking for it desperatly 😛 please send it to me as soon as posible pleeeaaseeee

  18. Thanks for the translation! (yeah, I know it’s like almost 10 months late)

    You can google for the mp3 like “DN Angel mp3” or something..

    I posted a few DN Angel Video including the opening and also parodies.. at ILuvAnime.com

  19. amazing song ^^ although I prefer the piano and acoustic versions of it ^^

  20. Hello,
    can u say where to download teh english versoin of the song, i finded the japanese everywhere, but the english nowhere.
    pls, help me….

    i will be ureschii(happy in japanse) if u can tell me

  21. could u plese put up these lyrics i want to learn this song. I love darkness of white you can its my favorite! so can u please put it up?

  22. can you send me this song in japanese as soon as possiblw

  23. Gendou doesn’t let you put on CD’s since they’re MP3’s, and there isn’t an English version (that I know of) since it is In Japanese and theses are the translations.

  24. Ma. Eclair mendoza

    can you give this copy of this translation please.!

  25. can I have this copy of this translation plaese.!

  26. What are you talking about. You’re welcome to copy and paste the lyrics anywhere as long as you credit me and provide a link back to my website.

  27. This song was great i like the meaning and the way of this song.It’s very nice aand i love all the sad songs that the meaning is very great.

  28. luv this song

  29. I LOVE this song! hey, u guys who wanna hear the english version of the song can go here


    it’s great!!! >_<


  31. hay guys any one have the mp3 pleez for d.n.angel opening^__^..

  32. These are not the english lyrics for DN angel..but only the translation of the japanese words… Vic mignogna (who plays Dark in the english version) is the singer for the english song.. here is a youtube link to it:

  33. this song is one of my favorite song from dn angel because the true meaning of the song i can relate to.

  34. If you want the English Version, you can click on this link: http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=YT6HswFBTCRSiXYEMal8

    Oh but you have to join to be able to download it.

  35. you will have a nose bleed if you try to sing this in Japanese but, finally, I can sing it on Japanese version!

  36. ew……………r u serious w/ ur life,its very ugly to sing such music.badoy………………….

  37. May you send me this song in japanese when you can???

  38. the best opening theme I’ve ever seen…

    does anybody have the translated lyric of other song of Shunichi, called NEVER SO FAR AWAY ??

    if u do, pls send to me –> samuel_lf@hotmail.com

    thank you

  39. I have a copy of the english song.
    You can also find the english song on youtube.
    Just look up “True Light Vic Mignogna”.
    Vic Mignogna is the voice actor for Dark.
    I’ve talked to him a few times and he’s an awesome guy.
    Really sweet.
    Came to SakuraCon in Seattle a couple times cuz of an old anime group I founded that was later taken over by a friend.

    Here are is the romanji of these lyrics also..

    kanashii hodo hikaridashita shiroi yami kirisaku tsubasa ni nare

    tsumetai taiyou ni terasarete’ta
    kainarasareta jiyuu ga atta
    kagami ni utsutta kiseki no yoru
    MASUKU o hazushihajimeta My Soul

    kuzurete yuku kabe no mukou wa
    zetsubou mo kibou mo onaji kao suru
    mitasarenai kokoro aru nara
    tobitateru shuumatsu no PUROROOGU e

    yaiba no you na kaze fuku sekai
    mamorubeki mono wa nan na no ka?
    hitotsu hitotsu itami o shiru tabi
    hontou no jibun e to chikadzuku

    kieyuku Fake Light
    umareyuku True Light
    kono te ni…

    shiroku somaru yami tsukinukete
    atarashii jidai o kizamitsudzukero
    tokihanashita kokoro no mama ni
    hateshinaku tsudzuite’ku byakuya o tobe

  40. i don’t like it because it is not in japanese !!!!

  41. you know i like d.n angel and i like the theme song too thaks for posting a english version!!!!!

  42. i think the song is better in japanes

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