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ef – a tale of melodies. 2nd Ending Theme – Negai no Kakera

Pieces of a Wish
Vocals: Nakajima Yumiko as Amamiya Yuko
Lyrics: Nakajima Yumiko
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

I chase the dream from that distant day
And it disappears in the morning light

Within the repeating days
The changing seasons are distant

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ef – a tale of melodies. 1st Ending Theme – Egao no Chikara

The Power of a Smile
Vocals: Goto Mai as Hayama Mizuki
Lyrics: Shona Mitsuishi
Composition: Yanagi Eiichiro
Arrangement: Yanagi Eiichiro

The shining wind calmly
Streams from the gaps between the clouds

Sounds that echo to each other sparkle
And I’m sure that I should be able to even find
The hope that I’ve started to lose

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ef – a tales of melodies. 2nd Opening Theme – ebullient future (Japanese)

I tried very hard to incorporate words from the English version of the song into the translation, but ebullient future‘s Japanese lyrics share very little vocabulary with the English version, in comparison to euphoric field.

ebullient future (Japanese)
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: nbkz Sakai
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

Fulfilling a single wish for eternity
Embracing the future to my chest another day

Across the darkness, your voice is fading away
I reached out my arms, but I couldn’t reach you, so I chase after a shadow

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ef – a tale of melodies. 1st Opening Theme – ebullient future (English)

Another all-English anime song.
From the opening video, it looks like the lyrics are in German too? Does anyone know where the German text in the opening sequence of the anime is from?

ebullient future (English)
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: Sakai Nobukazu
Text arrangement: Nishida Emi
Composition: Tenmon
Arrangement: Tenmon

Love, I’ve got to feel it
If you put your trust in me
I know what my life would be
Oh, you are all I ever need

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Karaoke Batch #2

Three karaokes to anime songs done by me, dating from January 2008 through yesterday. I’ve been doing a lot of short versions lately since it’s easier to memorize and sing half of a song than to do for a full version. I also posted the karaoke videos to Nico Nico Douga, where people have commented that they sound like Hirano Aya, Shimotsuki Haruka, and/or Hatsune Miku. XD It’s pretty hilarious that people also remarked, “I’m Japanese and I can’t sing the song”.

Tabi no Tochuu (TV Size Version) (Spice and Wolf)
Nico Nico Douga link

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ef – a tale of memories. 2nd Ending Theme – Kizamu Kisetsu

Engraving Seasons
Vocals: Okada Junko as Shindo Kei
Lyrics: Okada Junko
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

Because you’re by my side when I look back
I can’t be honest with you

Because I want to tell you
These wavering thoughts of mine someday

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ef – a fairy tale of the two Opening Theme – eternal feather

A remix of this song also served as the (4th) ending theme to the ef – a tale of memories anime, with Nakajima Yumiko as Amamiya Yuko at the vocals. The original Japanese title was Yuukyuu no Tsubasa.

eternal feather
Vocals: Harada Hitomi
Lyrics: Sakai Nobukazu
Compostion: Tenmon
Arrangement: Tenmon

There was a distant sky on the other side of the window
I was watching the unreachable clouds

I heard a tender voice
That healed my breaking heart

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