Quick Poll: Which Cosplay To Do?

Update: Thanks for your vote! The results are in and Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) is the clear winner, so that’s who I’ll cosplay for this season. You can check out the photos here.
Thanks again and please vote in the next cosplay poll, too.

Update II: I am currently working on a Nagisa cosplay from Clannad You can check out my Nagisa cosplay here.

The fall anime season is in full swing and I’ve watched and evaluated everything I wanted to see in the new season. I’ve narrowed it down to the shows I’ll watch for the season, and with that, a list of potential cosplays. I don’t have the time or resources to attempt all of the following, so I’m asking what other people—you—would like to see.

The poll includes other potential cosplay(s) that I’ve been thinking about in addition to ones from the fall season.

If you can, please do leave me a comment about why I should cosplay a certain character (or suggest any not on the list!). I’d appreciate any feedback.

Note: I am rather picky about who to cosplay; I try to cosplay characters who have B-cups or less and are within +/- 3cm or 1 inch of my height, 155cm (5’1″) unless the said character is the only short main character in the show.

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7 responses to “Quick Poll: Which Cosplay To Do?

  1. Even though he’s not a girl, and you are one, I think Ciel would be. I love the style, its far more unique to the others. The others are more about personality rather than style. That’s just my 2 cents though.

  2. Nanami from Chaos;Head is probably a good choice to go for, since Rimi has pink hair, and Nanami is probably easier.

  3. phantomhive for epic reverse trap

  4. Ciel~~ I would love to see someone cosplay with the female attire he wore~~ (Aww I’m sick of the replica I saw on BodyLine~ I hope something with higher quality will release very soon~~)

    PS, Ranka is a nice choice, too >W<~ But where to find a nice wig O.o?

  5. @ BlackFeather:
    I’ve seen that Ciel replica… Oh god, it’s a horrific mess of satin.

    That said, if I ever get desperate and/or have the money, I might order one for laughs.

  6. Katsuki Shima, from clannad. Please! Most Epic Reverse-Inverse Trap Ever. For great justice.

    Also, Minorin seems like a good fit, but I voted for Ranka. Obama star~

  7. It’s Ciel!! haha..his costume is way too unique..doesn’t matter if you’re a girl..I think it’ll look good in anyone confident after all.. ^^,

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