Suddenly, Too Many Things

Just a week ago I was lamenting about how I couldn’t think of anything else to get from Japan along with the huge Wonder Festival 2008 [Winter] package due in two weeks. I spent several days talking to Yuya and fellow coworkers during my part-time job, but still drew a blank. Then I happened onto Animate’s cosplay shop the day after it opened and impulsively bought the Vampire Knight Day Class girls’ uniform immediately. With that, I decided to get the official Cross Academy crest pendant from LaLa to match my LaLa Cross Tattoo Bracelet and a Pochama Pokémon pillow because one of my friends wants it. The darn thing costs $45 in the US, as opposed to just 1,200 yen (~$11.58) on Yahoo! Auction Japan.

I am looking at such a massive dent in my bank account for this month, since I also ordered a custom headdress from LJ’s EGL Community Sales and a package of iron-on transfer paper for making my Haruhiism shirt within the last week. I’m still planning to pick up Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift when it gets released on the 24th.

Oh my monies.

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4 responses to “Suddenly, Too Many Things

  1. Aww, cute pillow! And I’m very excited for FFTA2.

    I’ve seen you around EGL on occasion and stopped by this blog every once in a while for romanji lyrics (always so helpful, thanks a bunch XD), but I’m curious about how you get your stuff from Japan. You mentioned you had a friend who picked stuff up for you, but what about the pillow you ordered from Yahoo? Do you do it all through friends you have over there? If so, they’re some pretty awesome friends!

    I’m going to Japan for a year in September so I have to try very hard to refrain from buying all the awesome stuff you mention in this blog!

  2. @ apricot:
    Yeah, I got the pillow through a friend in Japan who did the bidding for me (since Yahoo! Auction Japan doesn’t let you register a foreign address anyways).
    Have fun in Japan! Just make up your budget ahead of time and knock your self out with goodies~

  3. Thanks! I’m sure I’d be broke within a week if I didn’t make a budget beforehand

  4. oh wats the vampire knight pendent? or thing?

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