Spring 2008 Anime

By now, I’m sure everyone else and their grandmas have already put up anime preview lists for Spring 2008, so I’ll make this quick and short, without hastily screencapped pictures from the official websites. Interest levels are ranked from Guaranteed – High – Middle – Low. Shows that I have absolutely no interest in are not listed below.

An additional note: I’ll probably put up TV size versions of the lyrics of songs of below animes when they air.

CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Interest Level: Guaranteed
Air date: 4/6
– Opening Theme: 02 ~Oo・Tsuu~
– Ending Theme: Shiawase Neiro
Lelouchie! Lelouchie! I can’t wait for season 2 of Code Geass to start… I have to offer my great gratitude to the person who recommended me to watch the first season when it aired; without you, I never would’ve started on the series (and consequently fallen in a deep pit of Lelou-worshipping). I want to see what happens to Nunnally, if Rollo turns out to be a trap (OH GEASS NO!), and Anya’s backstory. At least Uzaku (2ch’s nickname for Suzaku) has gone GAR for the second season while Lelouch grew himself a wimpy mullet.

Interest Level: High
Air date: 4/3
– Opening Theme: NOBODY KNOWS
– Ending Theme: Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE
I missed the first ×××HOLiC anime adaptation when it aired, so I don’t want to miss this one. From what I’ve seen and heard, the first series didn’t do too well, especially with noodle people everywhere, so I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up for the second season. ×××HOLiC is the only work whose manga I’m collecting as they come out, so I will keep a close tab on the anime in hopes that they do something with Kohane-chan’s story.

Itazura na Kiss
Interest Level: Middle
Air date: 4/4
– Opening Theme: Kimi, Meguru, Boku
– Ending Theme: Kataomoi Faitaa
I heard that the original manga and live action adaptation were pretty good; I myself have never seen them. The site makes the show look like yet another typical girls’ romance story, but perhaps it can live up to its proclaimed good name.

Kamen no Maid Guy
Interest Level: Low
Air date: 4/5
– Opening Theme: Special Life!
– Ending Theme: Wakugai
Oh god, is this what I think it is? A man prancing around in a mask while working as a maid?

Interest Level: Low
Air date: 4/5
– Opening Theme: PHOSPHOR
– Ending Theme: Koi no Honoo
Is this yet another Holo 2.0, now with a bad attempt to mix it with a school love comedy situation?

Interest Level: High
Air date: 4/3
– Opening Theme: Love Jump
– Ending Theme: crossing days
Delicious loli, must watch.

Macross Frontier
Interest Level: Middle
Air date: 4/3
– Opening Theme: Toraianguraa
– Ending Theme: Daiamondo Kurebasu

S·A (Special A)
Interest Level: Middle
Air date: 4/6
– Opening Theme: Special days
– Ending Theme: Hidamari no Geeto
Yet another Ouran lookalike. I quote myself from Jason’s blog, that the anime just might turn out to be “Ouran without quality animation, comedy, and ignorance of traditional shojo angst.”

Soul Eater
Interest Level: Low
Air date: 4/7
– Opening Theme: resonance
– Ending Theme: Ai Wana Bii
One part Fullmetal Alchemist, one part D.Gray-man, and a lot of BLEACH/Naruto-level fillers sprinkled on top? I think the latter will prove to be very true since the show is signed up for approximately 52 episodes.

To LOVEru -Trouble-
Interest Level: Low
Air date: 4/3
– Opening Theme: forever we can make it!
– Ending Theme: Rakkii Chuun
This appears to be the standard romance comedy show in which an extraordinary girl meets a hapless dude and demands to get hitched with him. The action has to pick up within the first episode or I’ll stop immediately.

Vampire Knight
Interest Level: High
Air date: 4/7
– Opening Theme: Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi
– Ending Theme: still doll
This looks like the next Ouran-level instigator of rabid fangirlism, with a massive cast of cute boys and one girl who every girl wants to take the place thereof. However, with Studio Deen at the helm, QUALITY will probably preside over quality.

Wagaya no O-inari-sama.
Interest Level: Middle
Air date: 4/6
– Opening Theme: KI-ZU-NA~Haruka naru Mono e
– Ending Theme: Kaze ga Nanika o Iou to iteru
Is this Holo version 2.0?

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10 responses to “Spring 2008 Anime

  1. Lol… I’m totally with you on Spring 2008 anime. I have R2, Kei, and Vampire Knight on my list (: Same opinions: disappointed with Lulu’s mullet >_> and going to fangirl over Vampire Knight (hugggee fan of Miyano Mamoru).

    • cool i love ryuu tsuji lol but lelouch lamperouch i have geasss lol hikari go!fight kei takishima i love s.a or special a

  2. Ooh, I’m totally looking forward to Vampire Knight and Code Geass R2. I’m also following two others that weren’t mentioned – Zero no Tsukaima season 3 and the Kyou Kara Maou 3rd series.

  3. OH! I have the lyrics to the opening Vampire Nights theme Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi… I love this song..

    And I can’t wait for Special A either <3 But they have Kei with brown hair *eyeroll* He’s blond animator people.

  4. kakshislefteye

    is it true vampire knight is ending with only 13 episodes???

  5. Vampire Knight is ending with 13 episodes, but a second season with 13 more episodes will air this fall.

  6. actually, kamen no maid guy is hilarious, even though it is a muscle bounded guy is wearing a female maid outfit.

    just saw this post and commented because i saw that you cancelled kamen no maid guy which made me think that you might not try it. ^_^

  7. I know you’re not overly keen on To LOVEru – but after reading your excellent translations of the xxxHolic OP and ED songs, can I be exceptionally cheeky and ask if you mind doing a translation of ‘Forever we can make it’ from the show?

    I can pick out things from the lyrics but I’m desperate to try to find out what’s in the chorus, and google’s not providing ^^;

  8. I’ve already seen Itazura na kiss, the history of this anime is kind of interesting and it’s very funny probabli about 7 of 10 points, holic and code geass 10 of 10 to both XD and vampire knight 9 of 10 =P

  9. i watch the s.a everyday

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