Lucky☆Star Opening Theme – Motteke! Sailor Fuku

You can download the song from Sendspace HERE.

Take It! My Sailor Uniform
Vocals: Hirano Aya, Kato Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endo Aya as Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Tahara Miyuki

At vaguely 3cm, is that what you call squishy? Geez!
My wrapping is a uniform… Right, I’m not pretending it, pbbt.
I’ll try my best ♥ I’ll do it
Catch & Release at that moment, gak
In my cleavage of sweat (Fuu) sweat (Fuu), Darlin’ darlin’ F R E E Z E!!

Kinda down, kinda out
I love you- Huh, one’s wrong?
Worrier, high metal bar
Connoisseur- Cut it out

About the blushing of that girl who shot up
She’s a normal girl, so to speak
Is it just me who was surprised? Tonkotsu wires, another helping-ping-ping

POM-POM cheerleaders
Let’s get! Cherry pie
FUN FUN welcome party
Look up! Sensation
Yeah! The feeling of existence …Little planets
They collided and melted, dumbfounded
Singing loudly, four rangers

Take it!
The one who will be laughing at the end should be me
Because it’s a sailor uniform, that’s it ← The conclusion
Even though it’s Monday!
I’m not feeling well, so what to do?
Summer clothes are nice ← Oh? So! Cutesy

I hesitate until it gets close to 3 pix’s, yah ☆
Try your best, be eager, My Darlin’ darlin’ P L E A S E!!

Rising, descending
Falling in love- Keep it a secret still, that’s logic
Spoiled kid, bodyguard
Report card- Get cocky and you’ll be crushed

I tell that guy who stepped on me that my pinky hurts
There’s an exaggerated glimpse of black knee-highs
Is it absolute, is it territory? I demand my bare feet to be smooth-ooth-ooth

WORRIES, delusion chronicles
Let’s go! Parthenon
WILD-WILD Soran song and dance
What’s up? Temptation
Hey! The feeling of loss; a $$ part-time job
If you search for it, you’ll find it
You naturally have absolutely no fear for life

Try it!
What aims for new rules is my challenge
Even if I change my sailor uniform = me
What to do on weekends?
A flash of skin is common!
Uniforms are simple = easy

At wind speed 3 meters, I hold onto you and endure it, guish ☆
Your chest thumps, your tummy cramps, I’m Sugar sugar S W E E T!!

Let’s get! Uh Uh Ah!
FUN-FUN chop chop kick
Look up! Fu Fu Ho!
HI! Education!! Love is ABC
Um, I wonder, um, I wonder, lightly lightly
It gets sunny, I get a crush, tragic love and such

Take it!
The one who will be laughing at the end should be me
Because it’s a sailor uniform, that’s it ← The conclusion
Even though it’s Monday!
I’m not feeling well, so what to do?
Summer clothes are nice ← Oh? So! Cutesy

Just as I thought
The one who will be laughing at the end should be me
Because it’s a sailor uniform, that’s it ← The conclusion

At vaguely 3cm, is that what you call squishy? Whoa!
My wrapping is a uniform… Right, I’m not pretending it, poh.
I’ll try my best ♥ I’ll do it
That and in cap & jersey, hah
If they turn see-through due to my sweat, it’s Darlin’ darlin’ A M U S E!!

Motteke! Seeraa Fuku
Vocals: Hirano Aya, Kato Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endo Aya as Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami, Hiiragi Tsukasa, Tahara Miyuki

Aimai san senchi   sorya puni tte koto kai?   Choh!
Rappingu ga seifuku…daa furi tte kotanai   pu.
Son to kyaacchi & Release   gyoh
Ase (Fuu) ase (Fuu) no tanima ni Darlin’ darlin’ F R E E Z E!!

Nanka daruu   nanka deruu
Aishiteruu   aree ikko ga chigatteru n ruu
Nayaminbouu   koutetsubouu
Oishinboo   iikagen ni shi nasai

Tondetta aitsu no hoteru karada tte
Iwayuru futsuu no onya no ko
Odoroita atashi dake?   Tonkotsu harigane o-kawari da da da

BON-BON   ooendan
Let’s get!   Cherii pai
RAN-RAN   kangeekai
Look up!   Senseeshon
Hai!   Sonzaikan tenten shouwakusei
Butsukatte tokemashita boozen
Ooi ni utatte shirenjaa

Motte ike!
Saigo ni waracchau no wa atashi no hazu
Seeraa fuku da kara desu←ketsuron
Getsuyoubi na no ni!
Kigen warui no dou suru yo?
Natsufuku ga ii no desu←kya? Wa! Iiv

Sekkin san pikuto   suru made tte chuucho da   yan☆
Ganbatte   harikitte   My Darlin’ darlin’ P L E A S E!!

Moriagarii   morisagarii
Koishitarii   mada naisho ni shi to ite rinrii
Amaenbouu   youjinbouu
Tsuushinboo   chooshi koite gyokusai

Fundetta aitsu ni koyubi itai tte
Oogesa chiraari kuro niihai
Zettai ja n ryouiki ja n?   Namaashi tsurupika o-nedari da da da

MON-MON   moosouden
Let’s go!   paru shinden
YAI-YAI   sooran bushi
What’s up?   Tenputeeshon
Oi!   Soushitsukan zenzen arubaito
Sagashitara mitsukatte toozen
Jinsei marutto kenen naashi

Yatte mi na!
Shinki ni neracchau no wa atashi no chousen
Seeraa fuku kigaete mo=atashi
Shuumatsu wa dou yo?
Chira mise nante arikitari!
Seifuku wa kantan yo=rakuchin

Fuusoku san meetoru   dakitsuite gaman da   gyu☆
Mune dokkin   koshi zukkin   I’m Sugar sugar S W E E T!!

Let’s get!   Uh Uh Ah!
RAN-RAN   chop chop kick
Look up!   Fu Fu Ho!
HI!   Education!! Love is ABC
Undaka daa undaka daa unya unya
Hare tte hore tte hirenraa

Motte ike!
Saigo ni waracchau no wa atashi no hazu
Seeraa fuku da kara desu←ketsuron
Getsuyoubi na no ni!
Kigen warui no dou suru yo?
Natsufuku ga ii no desu←kya? Wa! Iiv

Yappari ne
Saigo ni waracchau no wa atashi no hazu
Seeraa fuku da kara desu←ketsuron

Aimai san senchi   sorya puni tte koto kai?   Wao!
Rappingu ga seifuku…yoshi furi tte kotanai   po.
An to kyaappu & jaaji de   hah
Asease de suketara Darlin’ darlin’ A M U S E!!

There are tons of wordplay and puns in the song that probably died during the translation.

The 3cm refers to the gap between the bottom of the sailor uniform shirt and the top of the uniform skirt, which is caused by the uniform wearer getting fat, therefore exposing skin that is ‘squishy’.

Tonkotsu is a type of Japanese soup made with pork bones and usually used as a stock.

Strangely enough, the ‘…’ in “Yeah! The feeling of existence…asteroids” are sung.

Hellooooooo zettai ryouiki. It is the absolute territory.

Soran Bushi is a type of traditional song and dance from Hokkaido, Japan.

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102 responses to “Lucky☆Star Opening Theme – Motteke! Sailor Fuku

  1. Nice. We have translations now woot. I think the Even though its monday line should be “I’m still in a bad mood.”

  2. Nipponsei released a copy of the CD with booklet scans, but your translation seems to fit from what I’ve tried to translate. (My Japanese is still mada mada.) おつかれさまでした。

  3. xD Thank you~

  4. great song, thanks

  5. isn’t きゃ?わ!いいv not just a “online-slang” version of “kawaii”?

  6. lol wow these lyrics make no sense, but it’s really cute, thanks for the translation

  7. It’s not ‘freeze’, it’s ‘please’ along with many other little errors
    I don’t really know where you got your original Japanese lyrics from, but these are off

  8. @ Myra:
    I got my lyrics from the CD booklet, so your statement is wrong.

  9. “sirenger” is wrong. I’m sorry. The correct term in that sentence is “sing and dance”

  10. @ MoonlightKagomeHimeko:
    Why? Is that from a fansub?

  11. It may be in the booklett, but that may be a mistake. because in the subs is says “sing and dance”

  12. @ MoonlightKagomeHimeko:
    The CD booklet’s lyrics are official and will always take precedence over a fansub. A fansub’s lyrics are usually transcribed by ear and prone to many misinterpretations.

  13. Alright. Sorry for the fuss then. Thanks for the translation.

  14. umm, can you put up the romaji please?

  15. @ arisa:
    I’ve put up the full romaji.

  16. Vallen Chaos Valiant

    “There’s an exaggerated glimpse of black knee-highs
    Is it absolute, is it territory? I demand my bare feet to be smooth-ooth-ooth”

    Ah… Absolute territory, I see. That settles it; this song is NOT innocent at all. :P

  17. Did you read the Compu H’s article on the song? Apparently it explained the lyrics line by line. Amazon and all my other sites ran out of stock before I ordered =(

  18. Really? Which issue was it?

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  20. Shinigamiyoko

    XDXD Thanks so much for the lyrics!!

    “If they turn see-through due to my sweat, it’s Darlin’ darlin’ A M U S E!!”

    …XDXD *agrees with Vallen Chaos Valient*
    It sounds so cute, but if you kinda look at the lyrics, it turns kinda questionable XD

  21. >>Really? Which issue was it?

    It was the July issue, has Konata on the front ding something cute…. =P

    I can’t even remember where I read it, but I distinctly remember somewhere saying they did a complete review of the OP. {most likely seen I don’t even think it made sense to most Japanese people ^^’}

  22. just for clarification: in the lyrics, is ‘…’ read as ‘tenten’ (making the line ‘hai! sonzaikan … shouwakusei’ / ‘hai! sonzaikan tenten shouwakusei’)? you said in the notes that the ‘…’ gets sung, so i was wondering if ‘tenten’ is what it’s being sung as. thanks, and sorry if this makes no sense. XD

  23. @ AMAYA:
    Yes. ‘…’ and ‘..’ are pronounced as ‘tenten’ in Japanese.

  24. …wow. The lyrics I saw somewhere else were waaayyy different.

  25. “HIGH! Leavin’ an impression, scattering asteroids!” though, I think HIGH should be hai. I’m not all that smart, so don’t take it from me.

  26. @ Cake: That’s a fansub’s lyrics.

  27. I used your translation for my fansub of the Lucky Star OP. The fansub can be found here:
    I would appreciate comments or suggestions :)

  28. You might want to update the lyrics you uploaded to Gendou :/

  29. wow the English subs got it wrong =P

  30. awesome, thanks for the translation. The fansub was rather questionable.

  31. wow, this song is so random xD! i like it nonetheless.

    Thanks for the translation =)!

  32. What did they say at 3:45-3:56? (in the background)

  33. Oh wow! Awesome job on making the search so easy to find the translation to one of the best themes’ I’ve ever heard! It’s so hyper and full of energy, it makes me happy. :3

    Thank you so much!

    ~ Leigh <3

  34. Thank You!!


  35. Thank you for the lyrics, this song is quite energetic besides heavy huh!…

    I would like to know if anybody knows what the girls say in the background between minute 3:45 – 3:56, anybody knows???…

    One more question, is anyone here capable of singing the entire song?…I sure can’t do it, it’s so fast for me!…

    Thank you averybody!…^_^

  36. Wow.. Quite a lot of ppl insist mistaken lyrics huh? I meant, it’s like impossible to hear what they sing xD Yet it’s so catchy except from the part of ‘darling darling freeze’, it annoys me |D

    My and my friend is gonna learn to sing this song! Not gonna be easy huh? x3

  37. =3 fwee sankye for the lyrix ^^

  38. User987: I can sing this song in both English and Japanese! (^.^)

  39. This particular song lyrics has many slangs and puns in it, also many borrowing English words which are read in Japanese language (katakana) as well, so really its NOT such an easy job for the translator to capture the whole meaning of the song. And different people may have different ways of translating too, so of course the fansubs versions may very. Anyway, you did great Atashi . Thanks for the lyrics =P

  40. Actually the lyrics are all right. It is F R E E Z E in the beginning. It even says so in the official Sub for the opening.

  41. Hello, thanks to your translation I’m currently trying to translate the short opening in French (when they try to do without the real lyrics, it’s true they get 98% wrong :x), but I still don’t understand that part : “Aimai san PIKUTO suru made tte chuucho da””I hesitate until it gets close to 3 picts”
    Actually, it says “san PIKUTO”, but I just can’t guess what the “PIKUTO” means… if it’s for “pictures”, then of what ? I also thought of “pixels” but it would then be “PIKUSU”… I just can’t make out the context… aaaaaargh, why am I trying to find a meaning to such a strange song Oo”

  42. NYAAAAAAH!!! *w* KAWAIIIII!!!! TNK U <33333333

  43. oh my god.

    finally. =)

    great job ne~

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  45. Look, official or not, the CD cover is simply wrong.

    How can I possibly get away with such a bold statement? If you know what I am talking about, the point is well-made.

    The average producer of Japanese anime has as much understanding of English as the average fanboy has of Japanese. Which is to say, a smattering of “Fashion” words and little more.

    With a language MADE for puns like Japanese, how could we possibly see an accurate translation, except from a fluent native speaker who is brilliant in both languages?

    We can’t. So honestly, the fansubbers generally have an advantage over the ‘official’ sources.

    Trust them. The fansubbers have a higher rate of accuracy.

  46. I know that you got your lyrics from the official CD but the english lyrics would be hard to sing with the actual song.and can I use these lyrics for a karaoke vid on youtube?

  47. thx!I’ll be sure to say where I got the lyrics

  48. @ ak47:

    Well… the lyrics printed on the CD booklet are in Japanese, and Japanese only. The cover doesn’t have the English lyrics on it (except for those lines like Darlin’ darlin’ FREEZE, etc.), so how can you say that? I agree, partially, that most Japanese don’t know fluent English, but, in this case, they didn’t even try to translate, eh?

    So you technically can’t get away with such a bold statement. Any inaccuracies (no offense to you, Atashi) were simply lost in translation.

    And, well… sorry to fuss about it… but that comment just got on my nerves.

  49. hey i think the link for dl is dead ): could u pls upload again? thx

  50. I still say its please…how deaf do you have to be to hear “freeze”?

  51. Man, do I hate fansubs. I uploaded the TV-size translation for youtube and this is one of the comments I got:

    “No the show titles or not wrong YOUR THE 1 WHOS WRONG!!”

    Bad spelling and a big slam on a translation I SAID wasn’t mine. (sighs) Anyway, having an innocent mind I don’t understad why you’re saying it’s “not so innocent…” and I REALLY don’t want to know… But anyway. I really gotta practice this again. Thanks for the translation :)

  52. (looked up the absolute territory thing) ah. I see. well then. Still, I can get why they’d put that in here, since the whole series is a tribute to otaku and moe :P

  53. @Atashi

    Not that I’m doubting your lyircs, but how does “zenzen” translate to “$$” in your “Oi! Soushitsukan zenzen arubaito”

  54. It was originally written as yen signs in Japanese.

  55. Okay. Thx for the clarification.

  56. *wibbles.* This website is simply sugoi.
    -laughs- Wonder why so many Sub-fan peoples come in here to complain…And how you haven’t hurt any of them. ^^; Yet.

    Thanks for the lyrics!. *attempts to sing with the romaji.*

  57. OMG i love this song!! soooo catchy so Kawaii!!!


    ↑ that is the reason Japanese people learned the meaning of the word “Freeze” other than what’s happening in a refregerator. Obviously he did not know the meaning of “Freeze” at that time ant that costed his life and they say he might have misheard it as “Please”.

    This incident was known by most of all Japanese and taugh us a lesson that we must know the word “FREEZE”. Now it is very common english word in Japan and everybody use it.

  59. uhmm i know its pretty lame but i listened to this song ONCE an i was in love with it but i cant seem to find it cause i dont know the artist’s name…

    do you by any chance know the name of the artist that can be found in the music section on mysoace? i wante to use it for my song.

    if you do please send it to me in an email ( it would be very much appreciated :)

    thank you :)

  60. Whoever said the official lyrics in a CD booklet always take precedence over fan transcriptions is spitting arrogant claptrap. Try reading any of the “official” lyrics that came with a Public Enemy CD and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

  61. Thanks ive been looking for these and all i found was a half correct one on youtube (even though there was one part i like better in that translated version) but stil thanks for the lyrics =)

  62. ha! i love this soo much (:

    its so hyper and full of energy

  63. Please tell me the overall meaning of this song my 12 year old got dowmloaded the words and they puzzled me.Please let me know.
    a concerned Mom.

  64. Dana:

    If you copy and paste the words of this song into Microsoft Word, set the text size to 9.5 and the alignment to justify, they will form a picture of the man who is going to kill your child.

  65. @ Anonymous:
    Oh anon, you card. :3

  66. This song is kinda innappropriate but oh so adorable. Thanks for translating :)

  67. I bought the CD that has the full song on it (came in a set). The thing in the CD case has the romaji lyrics and the English translation on it, done by a professional launguage translation company. No offense, but this is TERRIBLE. Not only is the translation horribly off, but so are the romaji lyrics. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  68. @ Tannis:
    If you can show me the translation either by typing it up or scanning the booklet, that’d be great. I know that it’s a difficult song and I probably messed up in a places, so I’d like to know the official lyrics. Thanks.

  69. “Complete Twit”, what do you mean it’s inappropriate?

  70. Sorry that took a while, I couldn’t get my scanner working. :)

    Anyways I’ve left the scan of the CD booklet on . I sure hope it shows up…

  71. @ Tannis:
    ***That’s a lot of sparkles.***

  72. Thanks for translating. Now this makes much more sense to me, being in like third grade japanese wise if you compare language knowledge… eh. Anyway. Really, thanks!

  73. I know you’re never going to answer me, “Complete Twit.” ;)

  74. oh wow
    i was gonna do this song with six friends in the talent show

  75. I’m back again!! And to anyone who feels “lame” for loving this song, I have it on my iPod! Feel better now??

  76. WOW This is not too off from the one I have. The fist one on the top of this page is a very poor translation. And the People it pronounced Se-ra-fuku. This one I’m posting has original lyrics and literal English translation lyrics.

  77. @ Chika-chi:
    Thanks for your effort. I’ve already seen the official English translation for the song, so I have no need for other people’s interpretations anymore.

  78. LOL that makes no sense…
    they say the words rly fast though o.o

  79. more than half of the traslations are wrong. the one that stuck me the most was the “Even though it’s Moday! i’m not feeling well, so what to do? Summer clothes are nice (<- Oh? So! Cutesy)” cuz it’s all wrong. it’s “It’s a Monday, and I’m not feeling well, what should I do? I wish I could wear my summer clothes, ‘Cuz it’s so cute” They may still seem similer, ut the too are totally different once traslated. (I should no cuz i speak japanese.) they have da correct traslation subbed on youtube. ( put in “lucky star opening subbed”) Overall, ur traslations are okay.

    • Shit dude, I wouldn’t trust any “traslation” you do. I know it’s the ‘net but you could at least type English decently.

      Hopefully you speak Japanese better.

      I do understand your need for accuracy but this service done is pretty nice.
      Love the song.

  80. the lyrics that they have on the (english sub) show are very different to the ones on here

  81. i think this song is so good i will get vampie tamaki oufit and dance to it at cosplayuk halloween……..[ps where you get this song from]

  82. yey!!! thanks!!! it’s really helpful…>_<""

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  85. Hollywood Barron

    Is funny///that mom needed to know the ‘overall message’ of the song so she knows if its a good song to listen to.




  86. Thanks for the song && lyrics~ Was looking for it in japanese.

  87. dude no. ==
    im japanese.
    the translations are totally wrong..
    and how could the last bit of kya?wa!ii mean cute? cute is kawaii.. soo… o.o .?
    and its not ‘about that blushing girl who jumped’
    it is actually about the girl being popular.. -.-

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  89. What are the translations/lyrics between I’m Sugar sugar S W E E T!! and BON-BON MON-MON Day. The 4 of them are talking like in the beginning and no one seems to include either part in their translations.

  90. that is not the translation of it…… i looked on and it gives you the song translation if you click on the sub……and it is not please it is freeze because she is talking about icecream. and it is not the lyrics in the 2nd verse it is “we’re shugar, shugar sweet” go on and click a episode of lucky star with the opening theme on it. anime freak usualy doesnt do the themes but click on one that has it and it will give you the translation. also go on youtube and click on english dubb version of lucky star and the people will sing it in english and will give you the english lyrics at the bottom

  91. you are right bbrimo…….totaly wrong translation. my friend is jappanese and she can sing the whole song perfectly in japanese and translate it. kawaii girlz unite! lol

  92. 플라티나 아리가또~☆

  93. Can you please add a Japanese part?

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